Nourish, Inspire and Empower: Sumit Khetan

Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co. founded by Sumit Khetan embarked his creative journey as a passionate dancer. His fervor for melodious movements metamorphosed into choreography and today, he stands as an accomplished creator of magic, the Artistic Director who personifies storytelling in the form of caper and frolic.

“Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it” Sumit believes in this motto and that’s when he thinks of starting Dance Education program under his company. He started this program in 2016 where the company took auditions from different cities in India for under privileged kids to give them an equal chance where they can pursue their dreams in dance with correct guidance by professionals in the industry. He nourish them with the practical training of International dance forms like Ballet, Contemporary and Hip-Hop which enlighten them that how technique is important for dancing.

They get free accommodation by the company itself where they are living in a dormitory setup under CCTV surveillance for the discipline and security of the kids. The company not only focusing on dance but they are also providing basics like English speaking classes, personality development, etiquettes which inspire them evolve as an individual which ultimately give them a sense of confidence to work as a professional.

When asked Sumit about the criteria to select students for this program he said “It’s a 360 degree training for them and we are only looking for kids who are willing to learn and definitely who are above 18 as this is a very big responsibility for us because their parents trust us and send their kids so now here in Mumbai we are their guardian and we all are staying here like a family, there are many kids from Dance Education Program are now working with me as a professionals in shoots, Live performances, weddings and stage shows.”

– Sumit Khetan
About the company:
A company founded by Sumit Khetan, who embarked his creative journey as a passionate dancer. His fervor for melodious movements metamorphosed into choreography and today, he stands as an accomplished creator of magic, the Artistic Director who personifies storytelling in the form of caper and frolic.
Sumit Khetan’s story:
Sumit Khetan traveled halfway across the globe to New York where he had set his heart upon learning from the very best – The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance,
the oldest and most renowned dance company in the world. His dynamism to conquer the soul of dance led him to reach deeper and learn at the remarkable Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and of course the legendary Broadway Dance Centre. Sumit Khetan’s zest for dance set foot at the Shiamak Davar International India Pvt. Ltd., which led him to experience and engage in a melange of public performances. He spread his wings within this esteemed enterprise for six years and deemed the role of a bewitching artistic director. With a bag full of treasured learning and experiences, Sumit Khetan moved on and built a platform for his unique ideas. This was the genesis of Sumit Khetan Entertainment Co. The deep-rooted experience, expertise, and finesse got Sumit Khetan to the top not only in India but also internationally as he mesmerized the audience with magnificent opening and closing choreographies at The Dubai International Kite Festival. It has also led him to judge reputed dance competitions such as the largest ever corporate dance reality show- Corporate Talent Championship, which is viewed by many on the NDTV Goodtimes.

Our services:
Sumit Khetan Entertainment Company is one name the industry looks up to. The quality of his learnings and experiences reflect in his services. His company aims to represent dance in all its glory and resplendence it deserves. His entertainment company excels in various dance forms such as:
Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Bollywood, Salsa, Jive, Waltz, and Hip Hop.
He isn’t just a talented Artiste, but also a creative choreographer. And this had lead to him bagging several shows across the world. Today, his entertainment company specializes in:
Wedding Choreography, Corporate Shows, Product Launches, Special Projects, Special Entries Bollywood choreography,

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Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi & Haji Ebrahim Shaikh bhaijaan flagged of 1st flight for Haj Pilgrims

Exclusive News By Fame Media

Al-Haj Ebrahim Gulamnabi (Bhaijaan), Member of Haj Committee of India, Welcomed Haj Pilgrims for 1 flight of HCOI’ PROGRAM.

Al-Haj Ebrahim Gulam Nabi Shaikh (Bhaijaan), Ex Chairman Maharashtra State Haj Committee invites Welcomes 1st Pilgrims for Haj on the first flight of HCOI program. Today on 29th July 2018. At Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Sahar, P9 Parking.

Chief Guest Hon. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Union Minister of India, Hon Vinod Tawde, Hon Adv Ashish Shelar, along with many dignatories from Maharashtra Assembly and Lok sabha members.

Hon. Saad Zafer S. Algarny (Council General of KSA), Hon. M.M Shaikh (Chaiman Wakf Board Member of MSHC),Hon. Hussain Dalwai (MP, Chairman Sub Committee Aircharter), Hon. Mumbai Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, Hon. Kripashankar Singh (Ex Minister), Hon.Mohd Arif Naseem Khan (MLA, Ex Minister), Hon. Jina Shaikh (Hon. VP HCOI), Shri Hasmat Parkar (Superintendent Aircharter), Rida Rashid (Bjp mahila president) welcomed the Pilgrims on this 1st flight, the pilgrims were given a dua book which consists all the duas of  Haj. The pilgrims were greeted with flowers and Ja namaaz.

On this great occasion Mr.Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (Union Minister of Minority (GOI) adressed to the Haj Pilgrimage, “he said it is a historical haj Pilgrimage of 2018 without subsidy Indians will perform haj”. This year 1,75,000 Indian Haji will perform haj at holy place of Mecca. With the great efforts of Hon. PM Narendra Modi the Haj quota has increased by 40,000 in the last two years.

There is no effective impact of GST on haji since the cost is minimum and also assured that hajis can go via ship from 2019. Our Hon. Minister Nitin Gadkare also said that he will make two separate ships for haj Pilgrimage by 2019.

Ibrahim bhaijaan (Member of Central Haj Committee) demanded to withdraw the Gst and increase Haj Quota for  Maharashtra.

यूनियन मिनिस्टर मुख्तार अब्बास नकवी एवं हाज़ी इब्राहिम शेख भाईजान ने हज के लिए प्रस्थान करने वाले प्रथम विमान को रवाना किया।

यूनियन मिनिस्टर मुख्तार अब्बास नकवी और अल-हज इब्राहिम गुलामनबी (भाईजान), इंडिया के हज कमेटी के सदस्य, ने हज के लिए जाने वाले प्रथम जहाज़ के यात्रियों का स्वागत किया।

अल-हज इब्राहिम गुलाम नबी शेख (भाईजान), महाराष्ट्र राज्य हज कमेटी के एक्स चेयरमैन, ने आज दिनाँक २९ जुलाई २०१८ को, सुबह ७.३० बजे छत्रपति शिवाजी इंटरनेशनल एयरपोर्ट सहार से हज के लिए रवाना होने वाले प्रथम जहाज के यात्रियों का स्वागत किया।

प्रमुख अतिथि माननीय मुख्तार अब्बास नकवी, माननीय विनोद तावड़े, माननीय आशीष शेलार, और महाराष्ट्र सरकार एवं लोकसभा के कई सदस्य मौजूद थे।

ज़नाब साद ज़फर एस अलगरनी (के एस ए के कॉउंसिल जनरल), वक्फ बोर्ड़ के चेयरमैन और एम एस एच सी के सदस्य ज़नाब एम एम शेख, सांसद ज़नाब हुसैन दलवई, मुम्बई के मेयर ज़नाब विश्वनाथ महादेश्वर, ज़नाब कृपाशंकर सिंह, ज़नाब मोहम्मद आरिफ नसीम खान (दोंनो भूतपूर्व विधायक), ज़नाब जीना शेख (एच सी ओ आई के वी पी), श्री हस्मत पारकर ने हज यात्रियों का स्वागत करते हुए उन्हें हज के दुआओं से संबंधित दुआ की किताब सौंपी। हज यात्रियों का स्वागत फूलो और जा नमाज़ से किया।

इस अवसर पर यूनियन मिनिस्टर मुख्तार अब्बास नकवी ने कहा “यह एक ऐतिहासिक पल है, जब इस साल पहली बार हज यात्रा बिना सब्सिडी के संपन्न हो रही है”। इस साल १,७५,००० हाज़ी हिंदुस्तान से पाक मक्का में हज करेंगे। प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने पिछले दो सालों में हज का कोटा ४०,००० बढ़ाया।

हज यात्रा पर जी एस टी का कोई असर नहीं पड़ा है, कम से कम खर्च पर लोग हज कर सके, ऐसी व्यवस्था की गई है। केंद्रीय मंत्री नितिन गडकरी ने कहा है कि अगले साल २०१९ में दो अलग अलग पानी के जहाजों से हज यात्रा सम्भव होगी।

इब्राहिम भाईजान (सेन्ट्रल हज कमेटी के सदस्य), ने जी एस टी को हटाने की एवं महाराष्ट्र में हज कोटा बढ़ाने की सिफारिश की।

Wasim Siddique (Fame Media)

Actor Bobby Vats Exclusive Interview

इंटरव्यू  एक्टर बॉबी वत्स

जैकी श्रॉफ के साथ तमिल सिनेमा करके बेहद एक्साइटेड हुं:  बॉबी वत्स

अपनी जर्नी को एन्जॉय कर रहा हूँ: बॉबी वत्स

जोरू का गुलाम, ब्लफ मास्टर, आ देखें ज़रा, केएलपीडी (किस्मत लव पैसा दिल्ली), क्या यही सच है, चितकबरे और जेम्स जैसी दर्जनों फिल्मों में अपने  अभिनय को सिद्ध कर चुके बॉबी वत्स इन दिनों चर्चा में हैं। इसी हफ्ते रिलीज़ हुई युवा निर्देशक शादाब खान की फिल्म ‘दिल्ली 47 किमी’ में उनके दमदार निगेटिव किरदार को दर्शक पसन्द कर रहे है। साथ ही उनके कई प्रोजेक्ट्स आने वाले है, जिन्हें लेकर वह बेहद उत्साहित हैं। वर्सटाइल एक्टर बॉबी वत्स से लिया गया एक इंटरव्यू पेश है…


– धड़क के साथ आपकी भी एक फ़िल्म ‘दिल्ली 47 किमी’ रिलीज़ हुई है, क्या है यह फ़िल्म और आपकी इसमें भूमिका क्या है?

*”बीए पास 2′ के डायरेक्टर शादाब खान ने फिल्म ‘दिल्ली 47 किमी’ में समाज के कुछ मुद्दों को बड़ी बेबाकी से पेश किया है। यह मूवी एक ऐसे क्षेत्र की कहानी है जो भारतीय राजधानी दिल्ली से केवल 47 किलोमीटर दूर है और इस क्षेत्र में मादक पदार्थो व अवैध हथियारों का कारोबार होता है। फिल्म में मेरे अलावा रजनीश दुबे, शादाब खान, डॉली तोमर और मुस्तकीम खान ने अदाकारी की है। यह फ़िल्म देश मे लॉ एंड ऑर्डर के उपर सवाल उठाती है। फिल्म को बेहद नेचुरल ढंग से शूट किया गया है. इसलिए यह एक रियलिस्टिक सिनेमा प्रतीत होता है।

दिल्ली 47 किमी में मेरा एक स्पेशल अपीयरेंस है। इसकी रोचक बात यह है कि यह किरदार पहले किसी और एक्टर ने प्ले किया था मगर जब डायरेक्टर ने एडिटिंग टेबुल पर वह रोल देखा तो वह सन्तुष्ट नही थे फिर उन्हें किसी ने मेरा नाम उस रोल के लिए सजेस्ट किया और इस तरह वह रोल मैने किया। मैं उस फिल्म में एक अंडरवर्ल्ड डॉन का रोल प्ले कर रहा हूँ। यह एक बड़ी स्पेशल अपीयरेंस है एक स्ट्रांग किरदार है जो दर्शकों पर अपनी एक छाप छोड़ देता है।

-इसके अलावा आप के कौन से प्रोजेक्ट आने वाले हैं?

*मेरी एक फ़िल्म ‘ द लास्ट रेव’ रेडी है। यह पुणे में एक रेव पार्टी पर आधारित है। इस फिल्म में मैं एक जासूस हूं जो ईमानदार है। उसे विभाग में भ्रष्टाचार खत्म करने के लिए नियुक्त किया गया है। फ्लोरा सैनी इसमे मेरे विपरीत है। ‘इट्स मैनस वर्ल्ड’ भी मेरी आने वाली फिल्म है। मेरी एक और फ़िल्म आ रही है ‘कलर ऑफ द शैडो’। यह एक डार्क लव स्टोरी है। यह गोवा की कहानी है। यह एक एक्सपीरिमेंटल और फेस्टिवल फ़िल्म है। अंतरराष्ट्रीय फ़िल्म महोत्सवों के लिए बनाई गई है फ़िल्म ‘कलर ऑफ द शैडो’. इनके अलावा मैं एक बड़ी तमिल फिल्म कर रहा हूँ। उस साउथ फ़िल्म में जैकी श्रॉफ भी है, हम दोनों निगेटिव रोल में हैं। तमिल सिनेमा में अपनी शुरुआत को लेकर बेहद एक्साइटेड हुं।

– फ़िल्म के अतिरिक्त क्या आप थेटर भी करते हैं?

* जी हां, मैं नाटक भी करता रहता हूं।

मैं खुद को थेटर एक्टर मानता हूं। इसी थेटर की वजह से मैंने पूरा वर्ल्ड ट्रावेल किया है।

– आजकल शार्ट मूवीज़ और वेब सीरीज़ का ज़माना है, क्या आप भी डीजिटल प्लेटफ़ॉर्म में व्यस्त हैं? शार्ट फिल्मो का मार्केट आप कैसा पाते हैं?

*देखिये , पिछले डेढ़ वर्षो में मैंने 8 शार्ट फ़िल्मे की है। मेरी कई शार्ट मूवीज़ को कई अवार्ड्स भी मिले हैं। मेरी शार्ट फिल्म ‘द क्यूर’ 18 मिनट की अंग्रेजी फिल्म है। फिल्म की वैश्विक स्तर पर काफी सराहना की गई और यू.एस. में पांच अलग-अलग पुरस्कार प्राप्त हुए।

अभी शार्ट फ़िल्म का सीन बदल गया है। आज इसका मार्केट बड़ा हो गया है। अमेज़ॉन और नेटफ्लिक्स जैसे कई प्लेटफॉर्म सामने आए हैं। लेकिन मेरा मानना है कि डिजिटल मीडियम कितना भी स्ट्रांग हो जाए, सिनेमा पर फर्क नही पड़ेगा।

– बॉबी जी, आप अपनी जर्नी को कैसे देखते हैं?

*श्याम बेनेगल के शो ‘डिस्कवरी ऑफ इंडिया’ के साथ अपना करियर शुरू किया था। 2000 में फ़िल्म जोरू का गुलाम से बड़े पर्दे पर मेरी शुरुआत हुई थी। जोरू का गुलाम के डायरेक्टर शकील नूरानी की पत्नी ने मुझे उस फिलम में कास्ट करने को कहा था क्योंकि वह हिना सीरियल देखती थी और मेरे काम को पसन्द करती थी। राखी सावंत का मैं पहला हीरो था। उस फ़िल्म के बाद आ देखें ज़रा, किस्मत लव पैसा दिल्ली, क्या यही सच है, चितकबरे, जेम्स, ब्लफ मास्टर, जैसी कई फ़िल्मे की। मैंने हर मीडियम में एक्ट किया है। ऐड फ़िल्म भी की, टीवी भी किया, फ़िल्मे भी कर रहा हूँ। थेटर भी करता रहता हु। मैंने 7-8 साल टीवी किया। हिना, आम्रपाली, रावण, कसम से, बंधन, सीआईडी जैसे 27 धारावाहिको में काम किया। मैं फिल्मो को नही छोड़ सकता। क्योंकि फ़िल्म के ज़रिए बड़ी पहचान मिलती है।

मेरा कोई फिलमी बैक ग्राउंड नही था, कोई गॉडफादर नही था लेकिन अपनी मेहनत लगन से इतना काम किया। मैंने सर्वश्रेष्ठ निर्देशकों के साथ काम किया है। लेकिन मुझे लगता है कि मैं अभी भी नया हूं। अपनी जर्नी को एन्जॉय कर रहा हूँ। आगे और बेहतर काम करने की ख्वाहिश है।

Some Films Of Actor Bobby Vats are Joru ka gulam, bluff master, aa dekhe zara, Klpd, chitkabrey, kya yehi Sach hai etc in the long list of versatile and talented actor Bobby vats, Delhi 47  is creating a buzz for his portrayal of underworld don. His role is received well by critics and audience equally. Adding to his list of achievements, a new Tamil movie directed by kastoori Raja , costars him with Jackie  shroff and is something, the actor is exited to share.  A theatre actor to a busy television actor (done nearly 27  soap operas for television) has a long list of short films, which have fetched him national and international awards for films like birthday, the cure, Kalaa, color of the shadow etc is an actor, who believes in working then talking big.


Spearheaded by Capt. Avinash Singh in association with Premal Parekh, The Next Level Entertainment along with Milind Kadam, Farhan Mandhai, Premal Parekh, K.K.Singh,Mitesh gaddam and Himalay Thakare

“PIXIDOME” is a specially designed addressable LED 3D chandelier, it is also one of a kind in the world developed especially for HOP.  HOP will be the first night club in India to use Madrix 5 version with around 70 universes and more than 12000 pixels of Addressable lighting working together at the same time. A unique experience only at HOP by Wahid and Kirti .

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*HOP* Is the word exalted by the most celebrated personalities from diverse walks of life at Mumbai’s most anticipated buzzing moment of the Year 2018… the launch of *HOUSE ON PARTY* or popularly nicknamed by the Celebs as *HOP .


Irresistible innovative cocktails, an extensive bar menu & multi cuisine that sets you on a gastronomic voyage. An electrifying venue that reinforces the spirit of celebration & at the same time lets you unwind, reload & recharge with your friends.

Address- Morya Landmark 1, Plot B – 25, Off Link Road, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri W, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

Chef juliano Rodrigues

 Time- 5:30 PM to 1:30 AM

For the party enthusiasts of Mumbai, “HOP- HOUSE OF PARTY” is the latest foray into the world of lounges and bars. The impeccable launch of “HOP- HOUSE OF PARTY” saw the very fashionable domiciles of Mumbai and amongst those some of the regular faces of the social circuit including Bappi Lahiri,  Arjun Bijlani With Wife ,Arshi Khan,Candy Brar,Jasbir Jassi ,Yukti Kapoor , Vineet Sharma ,  Dj Sheizwood ,Dev Sharma , Amit Jhadav , Kunal Jay Singh , Karan Chabbra , Rajiv Acharaya,Prashant Sharma , Akanksha Arya , Ronny ( Mahesh Chauhan), Deepshikha, Rakesh Paul, Shibani Kashyap, Kunal Jaisingh, Vikas Verma, Aditya Singh Rajput, Dharmesh Yelande , Raghav Juyal ,  Punit Pathak ,Yuvraj Walmiki , Prashant Virendra Sharma, Yogi Raj,   Sushant Pujari, Champak Jain, Lizaa Malik, Arvinder Singh, Ahkasa, Ahsa, Hamsika Iyer, Debojit , Rishikesh Karmekar, Vipin Aneja, Qadir & Murtuza Bhai, Sarfaraz Khan, Bhavya Pundit , Pradeep Pundit , Deepak Pundit, Deepshikha Nagpal And Keshav Arora , Dr.Sharmila Nayak ,Rohit Gidda,Vishal Karwal ,Rehan Shah ,Aziz Zee ,Shakir Shaikh , Asif Merchant ,Rajeev Paul And Rakesh Paul , Smiley Suri,  Brinda Parikh, Dj Akhtar played for the evening

Capt. Avinash Singh, owner of HOP- HOUSE OF PARTY says “In the last few years, a number of lounges and bars have contributed to raising the city’s spirits, but HOP- House Of Party  promises to be the very first one of its kind to take the stature of bars and lounges a notch higher at affordable rates without comprising on the quality. HOP- House Of Party will focus on offering exceptional service to its customers. To reach and maintain a unique, high-quality image, the venue will provide attentive and friendly service and will invest in on-going training of its employees. We assure our guests will be our loyal ones forever”

Premal Parekh, The Next Level Entertainment says “We are happy to collaborate with Capt. Avinash Singh to treat Mumbaikars with a brand new party place.  The establishment will provide the liveliest, biggest and the best parties in town”


“HOP- HOUSE OF PARTY” can be an isolated & hibernating paradise for the entire social bracket. Designed to exude vibrance, “HOP- HOUSE OF PARTY” is located at the central hub of Andheri (West) & offers its guest a panoramic menu with exotic cocktails & outstanding ambiance.

Tell Me More-

Lights- Life is too short for boring lighting for lighting designer Kirti Ashok Singh and thats exactly what he has tried to achieve at HOP. The entire ceiling of HOP has been transformed into a 3D lighting system. “PIXIDOME” is a specially designed addressable LED 3D chandelier, it is also one of a kind in the world developed especially for HOP.

The entire lighting system will run on a German lighting control software / hardware to sync lights with music which means all the lights would dance in tune with real time music. HOP will be the first night club in India to use Madrix 5 version with around 70 universes and more than 12000 pixels of Addressable lighting working together at the same time.

Food- The place boasts of a brilliant kitchen with an exhaustive menu of different cuisine delights. It promises to transport gourmands as a mid-night party spot and a captivating experience for the connoisseur, serving eclectic Multi cuisines, different brands of liquor in all shapes and sizes at inexpensive rates specially curated menu to indulge in gastronomical delights. “HOP- HOUSE OF PARTY” offers varied, thematic menus through the year drawing seasonal and global trends of cocktail & tapas at reasonable amount.

Interiors-  That’s not it!  The state-of-the-art décor in red black and grey and contemporary ambience at the city’s newly opened bar will play background to the luxury experience will be equipped with audio, lighting, and video systems, serving the need for a true entertainment venue.

“HOP- HOUSE OF PARTY” is synonymous with urban lifestyle. “HOP- HOUSE OF PARTY” has deeply looked into every aspect of space planning, presentation etc. while designing the lounge and bar.

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Based in Andheri, the place is blessed with a brilliant menu, ambiance and décor.  The place is touted to be patronized by the city’s elite bunch. If you are a part of the town and would like to experiment with food and drinks, then “HOP- HOUSE OF PARTY” is worth a dekho. 

Unwind with your crime partners & gang of sapiens with their special curated playlist including retro, hip-hop, commercial, progressive, Bollywood as an option.

Bollywood Actress Heena Panchal Turn Hot Biker Chicks

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out men’s obsession with women and bikes. But what if the women too turns out to be obsessed with bikes. It’s going to be like a “Sone Pe Suhana” kinda offer for these Indian men. Yes, Bollywood actresses have turned into biker chicks and are riding bikes both offscreen and on screen. Many of our Bollywood directors have time and again tried to play along the same lines, bringing together our sensuous actresses on bikes.

Let’s take a look some her bike riding pics

The combination of women on bikes is very thrilling and hot too, Heena Panchal stunned us with her bike riding skills when she was spotted ridding bike at Palm Beach road Vashi and she was just too brilliant with the riding skills. The actress spent quite some time training and rode the bike to perfection.

Pigeon Media (Abhishek Dubey)

Rahul Boss Actor

Rahul Boss  actor with artistic talent has many released and completed films to his credit. He has even worked in one South Film as a Leading actor the film was hit at the box-office. The sincere actor with pleasing and friendly nature is down to earth personality respecting everybody whether he is junior in his profession.

Rahul Boss  has a very good relation with top film personalities, actors, producers, directors like Firoz Nadiadwala, Tigmansu Dhulia, Umesh Sukla,  E. Niwas, Anil Sharma, Anuj Sharma, Govinda, Himesh Resmiya, Neha Dhupia, Ritesh Desmukh, Harry Josh,  Sarman Joshi, Nadiya Hussain, Puja Chopra, Mithun Chakkarborty and the list goes on.


Some of the coming films of Rahul Boss  which are making brisk progress and are at various stage of production are ‘Betiyan Ek Nanhi Si Kali’ a  hindi movie being  produced by  Naveen Chandra Reddy police commissioner, Subh Ratry film being directed by  Rajan Agarwal, ‘I Am Not Beggers’ Hindi movie being directed by  Vijay Pall, Second Chance, Gun point  all hindi films.

We wish him  all the very best for all future endeavors.


Official Trailer: Satyameva Jayate | John Abraham | Manoj Bajpayee | Aisha S | Milap Milan Zaveri

Gulshan Kumar and T-Series in association with Emmay Entertainment present the official trailer of the upcoming Bollywood film of 2018 “Satyameva Jayate”,

Written & Directed by Milap Milan Zaveri. Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Nikkhil Advani (Emmay Entertainment), Monisha Advani & Madhu Bhojwani. The movie features John Abraham & Manoj Bajpayee, Amruta Khanvilkar and Aisha Sharma in lead roles The Movie Is Releasing on► 15 AUGUST 2018 ___

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Thugs of Hindostan | Official Teaser #2 | Amir Khan | Amitabh Bachchan | Releasing on 07 Nov 2018

#Thugs #of #Hindostan (#2018) Action, Adventure, #Drama | 7 October 2018 (India) Two legends come together for a never seen before action adventure.

Director: Vijay Krishna #Acharya Writer: Vijay Krishna Acharya Cast Aamir Khan … Gurdeep Katrina Kaif Amitabh Bachchan Jackie Shroff Fatima Sana Shaikh Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Surendra Pal

Bigg Boss winner Shilpa Shinde teams once again with Salman Khan for her Fan’s

Mumbai: The versatile Actress Shilpa Shinde who had eventually won the Indian reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss 11’ in January this year is again basking in the spotlight with Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan once again in a superhit reality show ‘Dus Ka Dum’ on Sony Television.

The actress participated the shooting throughout the night with South’s famous star Kamal Haasan & Karan Patel for this show ‘Dus Ka Dum’ for her fans. This is her second outing with Salman Khan after ‘Bigg Boss 11’. Excited about it, Shilpa Shinde says, “I am lucky to be featured with Salman Khan’s reality show for the second time. To top it, working with veteran actor Kamal Haasan turned out to be a cherry topping on the cream and will be cherished by me for my entire life. I am thankful to all my audience who have appreciated and supported me during my stint at Bigg Boss 11. I will always play different versatile roles which will be remembered for long. ”


Now the show will have a new name ‘Dus Ka Dumdaar Weekend’ & Dus Ka Dum will now feature only celebs to participate. And it will be telecast on Saturday and Sunday.

————Sanjay Sharma Raj(P.R.O.)

Veteran Singer Roop Kumar Rathod launches – Taa-Dhaa – Music Album

First time ever Sandip Mahavir and Taufiq Qureshi comes up with something very different in the field of Dance, Music, & Rythm. “Taal Se” is a treat to everyone as it brings Sandip Mahavir and Taufiq Qureshi together and also a gorgeous, vibrant danseues Mugddha Mane. The song “Taa-Dhaa” Launch by Veteran Singer Roop Kumar Rathod and her Wife Sonali Rathod and Actor Azaz Khan.


The event took place at Zee Preview studio fun Republic. For all Hindi music fans, check-out latest Hindi song ‘Taa-Dhaa’ on Zee Music sung by Vijay Prakash, Sandip Mahavir & Taufiq Qureshi. The song is produced and directed by Sandip Mahavir. Lyrics and Music of the song have been given by Taufiq Qureshi. The message in this song is for the whole world to be in the positive beat of life. This video is visually absolutely different as it has both the classical and western fusion of music and dance.

———-Pigeon Media (Abhishek Dubey)

Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi Official Trailer Launch

Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi Official Trailer Launched


Starring Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Shergill, Jassie Gill, Diana Penty, Ali Fazal, Piyush Mishra Directed & Written By: Mudassar Aziz Produced By: Aanand L Rai & Krishika Lulla.


——-KAB!R M LOVE ( Kabir Ali )


Blood relation is an important factor in Bollywood, where number of stars have followed their parents footsteps whether actor or actress and beautiful Hridya Singh is one of the lot who happens to be the daughter of actress Hiya Singh who has acted in number of films like Sunil Shetty and Aishwarya Rai starrer Radhe Shyam Seeta Ram in which she played younger sister of Aishwarya Rai and 2017 release Love You Family.

Coming to her lovely daughter Hridya Singh, she is also very good looking and talented like her mother who is not merely doing films but have also done modeling, print shoots and other activities pertaining to entertainment industry.


Other than acting, Hridya loves singing, dancing and modeling. Likewise, she is also a fitness freak and spends some time daily for swimming and Gym.

Initially, Hridya began her career as a child artist in Rajiv Ruia’s My Friend Ganesha and also did plays in her school days as talent was in her blood.

A well known business tycoon turned producer from Rajkot Girish Solanki have introduced Hridya in his first maiden venture titled Paagal Kar Diya Toone, as he was very much impressed when he  saw her photographs and included her in the cast of the film as one of the leading lady. The film Paagal Kar Diya Toone is ready for an early release which also stars Mudga Godse, being directed by Sandeep Kumar who is a master in making crime thrillers.

Like many aspiring artist Hridya also desire to become a successful star like Aishwarya Rai, who is not merely her ideal, but also inspires her. Moreover, Hridya is open to work with anybody and everybody but  her personal wish is to work with stars like Varun Dhawan, Prabhas and Mahesh Babu.

Hridya has a special place and respect for her mother Hiya, not only on personal ground, but professional level too. Hridya considers her mother as the biggest support and pillar of her life and can’t imagine to do anything or take any decision sans Hiya. Hridya  follows her mother footsteps  in terms of hardwork, dedication, decision making, choices and  deems her the best mother and teacher.

Hridya’s mom who is having an acting academy is shaping her daughter’s career in such a way that undoubtedly Hridya indicates to become one of the the most popular star of all the woods (Bollywood,Tollywood, Mollywood) and last but not the least Hollywood with the grace of God.

Celebrity Astrologer and Numerologist Atlanta Kaashhyap troubled by numerous marriage offers

Celebrity Astrologer & Numerologist Atlanta Kaashhyap Demands Rs.700 crore to tie the nuptial knot!

Mumbai: India’s World-famous Celebrity Astrologer and Numerologist Atlanta Kaashhyap have garnered a lot of fame after her prediction of celestial destruction in 2012 followed by her correct prophecy on actor Salman Khan being released from prison, the recently concluded Karnataka polls and actor Sanjay Dutt’s correct future predictions which proved to be true gave her more fame and laurels and has been scaling dizzier heights.

News is abuzz, that the beautiful and glamorous looking Atlanta Kaashhyap climbing the success ladder is now been the subject of discussion. Numerous eligible bachelors, mostly who are businessman and industrialist are vying to marry her. Getting tired of these marital offers, Atlanta Kaashhyap has hit upon a strange and surprising marriage offer which might bite the dust due to her uncanny demands.

A peek into her weird demands for marrying her is that the concerned person should give her Rs. 700 crore. Further to it 7 schools in 7 cities should be administered and maintained by him where poor people’s children can study. Next on the list is that the marriage ceremony should be performed within 7 months across 7 big continents of the world following 7 different rituals and cultures and so on.


On quizzing her about her unusual demands for marriage, the Celebrity Astrologer and Numerologist Atlanta Kaashhyap smiles and curtly replies,“From many days I was getting offers to marry and I was really fed up with these requests. So I came up with this unusual terms and conditions. There are three of them who are regularly coaxing me for marriage. So I gave them many of these terms and conditions.”

From her talks it seems that there is someone in her life. But one will have to wait and watch as to who the person might be. Only a film stars, politicians or industrialists are only capable to have such kind of money!

——–Sanjay Sharma Raj (P.R.O.)


Every Friday, a new Bollywood movie hits the silver screen and with that a fresh face is introduced to test his/her destiny and Arihant Jain is the latest entrant who join the Hindi film Industry.

Hailing from Indore (Raipur-Chhattisgarh), Arihant was fond of acting right from his childhood days and after completion of graduation, he landed in Mumbai to try his luck and after meeting number of filmmakers finally, Arihant came in touch with Shakeel Saifee,  who saw acting potential in him and finalized him as the leading man for Dil Main Tum Hi Ho.

The talented actor debuts in Dil Mein Tum Hi Ho, a romantic-action film, directed by Shakeel Saifee, who has selected Arihant after doing couple of screen test with newcomers for the title role for movie.

Arihant is a complete artist and has all the qualities which is a must for a contemporary star, such as boxing, Karate, dancing, horse riding and so on. Arihant is a three time champion in Kick Boxing, National Winner in Gymnastic, National Winner in Dance, (Black Belt Holder) 10 time State and two time National Champion in Karate Kioyo Q. Moreover, he is a National cricket champion also.


Arihant is an ardent fan of Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai and his movie Dil Mein Tum Hi Ho is a true inspiration of Salman and Aishwarya’s  past affair. We got an opportunity to watch the rushes of the film which indicates it is well made movie and watching  Arihant’s histrionics one is surprised that being his debut film he has acted like any seasoned star.

The next project of Arihant is Bandobast. The subject of the movie is awesome which is being directed by Raj Gautam Pandey.

Furthermore, he has couple of movies in the pipeline with corporate houses and reputed filmmakers.

We at Leo Media News Broadcasting  wish all the luck to this rising star and great success for Dil Mein Tum Hi Ho.

Pattanam Designory Receives Indywood Accreditation

  • Pattanam Designory, an advanced media/film make up Institute to received Indywood accreditation for its courses and services
  • Pattanam Designory is run by Mollywood’s most famous make-up man Pattanam Rasheed

Kochi(23-07-2018):: In a move that’s expected to usher in an era of standardization to the Indian film industry, Kochi-based Pattanam Designory, one of the leading make up institutes in Malayalam film industry, has received the prestigious Indywood accreditation for its popular courses and adherence to quality standards.

Anson IJ, COO, Indywood Talent Hunt handed over the certificate to Pattanam Rasheed at a function held at city on Wednesday.

The present accreditation for Pattanam Rasheed Makeup Academy will be a temporary accreditation which is valid for a period of one year.

Run under the supervision of noted make-up man Pattanam Rasheed, Pattanam Designory is an approved centre of CTTC (Centre for Trade Testing and Certification of skilled workers) under the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment. The institute is also on the verge of becoming the first in the field of media make-up to be affiliated with the Calicut University.

Anson IJ, COO, Indywood Talent Hunt, which handled the accreditation process said, “Pattanam Designory has been moulding make up professionals, hair stylists, cosmetologists and spa therapists for years now and has helped raise the standard of each of these professions through their creativity. They have trained and contributed many talented make-up artists to the film industry. We are glad to bestow them with the Indywood accreditation. ”

The courses at Pattanam Designory emphasize on the skills required for professional motion picture make-up. Students also get to learn facial contouring using highlights and shadows, correction and concealing techniques, base matching, eye and lip treatments and air brush techniques.

The Indywood Accreditation is bestowed by the Indywood Entertainment Consortium and is availed upon a multi-pronged examination of the Quality, Merit, Experience, Reputation, Reference, Insurance, Interest and Legal Existence of system/product/ organization. Indywood Accreditation is valid for all national and international clients / organizations in the field of media, films and entertainment. The Accreditation is one of the set targets of the USD 10 billion Project Indywood which aims to unite all Indian regional film industries under one umbrella.


The annual Indywood Talent Hunt is a confluence of creative talents from India’s student community to be held at Hitex Exhibition Center in Hyderabad. Over 5000 finalists participate are expected to participate this year in 28 different creative Categories including Model Hunt, Short Film Making, CSR Video Making, Documentary Film Making, Music Video, Music Production, Educational Video, Photography, Animation, VJ hunt, RJ hunt, DJ war, Music Band, Performance art, Best Reporter/Journalist, Poster design, Indywood vision video etc.

This year will see one of the biggest fashion pageants in India known as Model Hunt being conducted during the 4 day extravaganza. Model Hunt aims to bring together the best Models from around the country and showcase them in front of the global film fraternity.

This National level pageant has a registration amount of INR 1000 and will be held over three rounds with the winners getting exclusive opportunities in India and abroad, and a cash prize of INR 25,000. Audition rounds for the same will be held at 5 major cities across India after August 31st. Participants can pre-register online through the link –

The Finals will be held from December 1st to 4th , 2018 at HITEX Convention Center, Hyderabad

For more updates follow Indywood Talent Hunt on:




About Indywood Film Carnival

Indywood Film Carnival has been a platform to meet, connect and showcase the best of India’s numerous film industries with national and international stakeholders of cinema. It is where film makers, production houses, technology providers and aspiring artists converge to make the dream of a unified Indian film industry a reality.

Continuing the success streak of its predecessors, Indywood Film Carnival 2018 shall return for its fourth edition from Dec 1-5, 2018. The event shall comprise of the All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF), Indywood Film Market, Indywood Talent Hunt, Investors Meet and an array of Excellence Awards

No. 1 Dramebaaz, the Mega Talent Show on E24 channel, Aashna Gogoi bag the trophy in Season 3

Exclusive News By Fame Media

July 22, 2018 – Trivision Films Pvt Ltd presents No.1 Dramebaaz Season 3 Grand Finale has been on aired and Ashna Gogoi has won the title of this season. Ashna Gogoi, living in Assam Guwahati won millions & crores of hearts through her dance and was successful in gaining titles on her name.

Veteran actor Prem Chopra, Bollywood, actress Kanika Maheshwari, Vijay Bhardwaj, Choreographer Siddhesh Pai and Stefi Bhardwaj were among the judges of Season 3. Comedian Sunil Pal and Indu Sarkar movie actress Jashn  Agnihotri hosted the show.

In grand finale, Comedian Sunil Pal and Shravan entertained the audience a lot. Winner Aashna 10 years old. Apart from her, first runner-up was Grish Majithia from Aurangabad Maharashtra and second runner-up Riddhi Patel from Gujarat. 14 lakh children had given an online audition, out of which only 20 children were selected for the Mumbai mega round.

Prem Chopra ji said that everyone is Winner in his eyes but according to the format of the show we had to choose one. Ashna is very happy

with her victory.

In No.1 Dramebaaz Season 3 orphaned children also performed and gave a big competition to all the children. Producer Vijay Bhardwaj of the show says that to provide a platform, he will also start season 4 soon and he congratulated Ashna for his victory.Ashna and Grish Majithia will also work in Vijay Bhardwaj’s upcoming project Namaste India and Hindi film Insurance. The show was being broadcast on E24 Channel from March 11 at 8:30 pm.

ढाई लाख जीतकर आशना गोगोई बनी तीसरे सीजन की नंबर वन ड्रामेबाज

22 जुलाई 2018 – ट्राईविजन फिल्म्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड प्रेजेंट रियालिटी शो नंबर वन ड्रामेेेबाज के तीसरे सीजन का फिनाले हो गया है और आशना गोगोई ने इस सीजन का खिताब अपने नाम कर लिया है। आसाम गुवाहाटी की रहने वाली आशना गोगोई ने अपने डांस के जरिए लाखों करोड़ों दिलों को जीता और खिताब अपने नाम करने मैं कामयाब रही।


बता दे आशना ने ऑनलाइन ऑडिशन दिया था और हर पड़ाव को पार कर आज वह इस शो की विजेता घोषित की गई। नंबर वन ड्रामेबाज के जज पैनल में वेटरन एक्टर प्रेम चोपड़ा, बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री कनिका माहेश्वरी, विजय भारद्वाज ,कोरियोग्राफर सिद्धेश भाई एवं स्टेफी भारद्वाज रहे। यही नहीं कॉमेडियन सुनील पाल एवं इंदु सरकार मूवी में काम कर चुकी जश्न अग्निहोत्री ने शो होस्ट किया।

शो के ग्रैंड फिनाले में कॉमेडियन सुनील पाल एवं श्रवण ने भी दर्शकों का काफी मनोरंजन किया। आशना पांचवी क्लास में पढ़ती है और 10 साल की है ‌। आशना के अलावा गिरीश मजीठिया, मेघा कौर और रिधि पटेल विनर की दौड़ में शामिल थे लेकिन सबको पीछे छोड़ते हुए आशना ने इस किताब को अपने नाम किया, और वही फर्स्ट रनरअप ग्रीश मजीठिया औरंगाबाद महाराष्ट्र से और सेकंड रनरअप रिद्धि पटेल गुजरात से रही। 14 लाख बच्चों ने ऑनलाइन ऑडिशन दिया था जिसमें से 20 ही बच्चे मुंबई मेगा राउंड के लिए चुने गए थे।

आशना शो के दौरान कई एपिसोड में दर्शकों के साथ-साथ शो के जज इसको भी अपनी डांस की परफॉर्मेंस से अचंभित करती रही हैं। ग्रैंड फिनाले में आशना को विनर घोषित करने के बाद सभी बेहद इमोशनल नजर आए। प्रेम चोपड़ा जी का कहना था कि उनकी नजर में सब के सब विनर हैं लेकिन शॉप के फॉर्मेट के हिसाब से हमें एक विजेता चुनना था। आशना अपनी जीत से बेहद खुश हैं।

बता दे नंबर वन ड्रामेबाज सीजन 3 में अनाथ बच्चों ने भी परफॉर्म किया था और सभी बच्चों को बड़ा टफ कंपटीशन दिया था। शो के प्रोड्यूसर विजय भारद्वाज का कहना है कि बच्चों की प्रतिभा को निखारने के लिए वह जल्द ही सीजन 4 की भी शुरुआत करेंगे और उन्होंने आशना को उनकी जीत के लिए बहुत-बहुत बधाई दी। विजय भारद्वाज आशना और ग्रीश मजीठिया को अपने आगमी प्रोजेक्ट नमस्ते इंडिया और हिंदी फिल्म इंश्योरेंस में भी काम देंगे। यह शो E24 चैनल पर 11 मार्च से 8: 30 बजे प्रसारित हो रहा था।


Wasim Siddique (Fame Media)

Rehnuma -The Guide Film’s Muhurat Held In Mumbai

फ़िल्म ‘रहनुमा – द गाईड’ का म्यूजिकल मुहुर्त

मुम्बई के गोरेगांव में स्थित कृष्णा स्टूडियो में एक गीत की रिकॉर्डिंग के साथ पिछले दिनों फ़िल्म ‘रहनुमा – द गाईड’ का म्यूजिकल मुहुर्त हुआ। यह पूरी तरह एक रोमांटिक फ़िल्म है जिसमे   इश्क़ और प्यार के मासूम जज़्बात को दर्शाया जाएगा। आइरिस फ़िल्म क्रिएशन द्वारा प्रोड्युस की जा रही इस हिंदी फीचर फिल्म के संगीतकार नौशाद अली राहत है। पिछले दिनों नौशाद अली राहत के संगीतबद्ध किये हुए गाने को मशहूर सिंगर उदित नारायण ने गाकर इसे यादगार बना दिया।


इस गीत को लिखा है मासूम सदरपुरी ने जबकि इसके अरेंजर सैमुएल पॉल है। इस गीत की विशेषता यह है कि इसमे उदित नारायण की आवाज़ उस ढंग की रखी गई है जैसी दो दशक पहले उनकी आवाज़ थी। इस रोमांटिक गीत को अपने ही स्टाइल में गाकर उदित नारायण बेहद उत्साहित है। उन्होंने फिल्म के निर्माता, गीतकार और संगीतकार को इस आईडिया के लिए बधाई दी और इस खूबसूरत रोमांटिक नम्बर की कामयाबी के लिए शुभकामनाएं भी दीं।

——–Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

Bollywood actress Jyoti Singh Presents Kathak at New York

Generation after generation, kathak has been lucky enough to find artistes who have held the flag high at all times. But India’s classical dance, kathak, is traditionally attributed to the traveling bards of ancient northern India known as Kathakars or storytellers. Though inside the dance fraternity, one might complain of many things, kathak is one of the eight major forms where dancers tell various stories though their hand movements and footwork, but most importantly though their facial expressions and the credit for this must go to its committed practitioners. One of the truly and passionate artist Jyoti Singh who is living in New York but her passion for kathak doesn’t seems to stop.


What we found out that Jyoti Singh performing on Kathak in the heart of New York. Jyoti has acted in Bollywood movie and TV serials. Speaking to media Jyoti Singh said that classical dance performance is an artistic method of spiritual awakening and makes an artist disciplined. Hailing from India, Jyoti made New York her base.  She gained recognition when she played the lead role in Yadvi : The Dignified Princess. She spends he free time in art of yoga, improvising free style dance in Kathak and singing Hindustani Classical Music.

——–Pigeon Media (Abhishek Dubey)

Rahul Boss Actor With Artistic Talent & Pleasing Nature

Rahul Boss  actor with artistic talent has many released and completed films to his credit. He has even worked in one South Film as a Leading actor the film was hit at the box-office. The sincere actor with pleasing and friendly nature is down to earth personality respecting everybody whether he is junior in his profession.

Rahul Boss  has a very good relation with top film personalities, actors, producers, directors like Firoz Nadiadwala, Tigmansu Dhulia, Umesh Sukla,  E. Niwas, Anil Sharma, Anuj Sharma, Govinda, Himesh Resmiya, Neha Dhupia, Ritesh Desmukh, Harry Josh,  Sarman Joshi, Nadiya Hussain, Puja Chopra, Mithun Chakkarborty and the list goes on.


Some of the coming films of Rahul Boss  which are making brisk progress and are at various stage of production are ‘Betiyan Ek Nanhi Si Kali’ a  hindi movie being  produced by  Naveen Chandra Reddy police commissioner, Subh Ratry film being directed by  Rajan Agarwal, ‘I Am Not Beggers’ Hindi movie being directed by  Vijay Pall, Second Chance, Gun point  all hindi films.

We wish him  all the very best for all future endeavors.

GLAMOUR – India’s largest jewellery exhibition signs up Actress ‘NEHA SHARMA’ for its Upcoming Edition

‘GLAMOUR’, India’s largest B2C fine jewellery exhibition has emerged as an integral event on the fashion calendar. Set to be held on 27th, 28th and 29th July, 2018 at TajLands End, Bandra, the exhibition is all set to celebrate Indian Bridal Fashion and emerging jewellery trends at its luxurious best. While the exhibition is known for bringing up an eclectic mix of luxury brands and premium jewellers, who redefine fashion equation for the coming season, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the show does it with style. With this year being no different, GLAMOUR has chosen renowned actress Neha Sharma for their upcoming expedition.

Having worked for various films such as Crook, Youngistaan, Tum Bin 2 along with various Tamil films, Neha will be the flavour of GLAMOUR’s upcoming season.Sharma also shot an exclusive campaign of GLAMOUR early this month, the campaign was styled by none other but our very favourite designer Rocky Star and was shot by Fashion and Celebrity Photographer, Rahul Jhangiani.


On the occasion of GLAMOUR’s campaignshoot, Neha Sharma stated, “Shooting for this campaign was very exciting and indeed an experience of a kind. I have had a lot of fun working with my favourite people and my team on this project. Most importantly, I amvery thrilled to be a part of GLAMOUR 2018 and look forward to meetall my lovely fans there.”

Bulbeer Gandhi, Event Director, GLAMOUR said, “Every season, at GLAMOUR we coronate a celebrated personality as the face of the event. We are very excited about our association with Neha as she resonates the quintessential pride and enigma of the event’s constellation.”

GLAMOUR has had successful alliances with other A-list names such as BhumiPednekar,  Prachi Desai, ShraddhaKapoor, Soha Ali Khan, UrvashiRautela and VaaniKapoor to name a few.

In the presence of this supremely beautiful, sensational and gorgeous actress, Neha Sharma GLAMOUR’s ambiance is guaranteed to shine brighter.

Rajesh Shrivastav deserve Kudos Sandip Soparrkar the first dancer to grace a cover of a Bollywood Magazine – Films Today

Being on a film magazine cover is a big honour in itself, it shows international dominance of the person on the cover. This is the first time in the history of any Bollywood Magazine, that a Choreographer has been given an exclusive cover. Sandip Soparrkar is the only dancer choreographer who is featured on the July issue cover of Films Today Magazine.

Mr S P Ahuja, Mumbai President, All India Anti Terrorist Front, Mr Rajesh Shrivastav, Chief Editor, Films Today along with dance guruSandip Soparrkar, launched the cover of the bollywood Magazine ‘Films Today.’ The event was hosted by the dynamic Ratan Pratap at the colourful Taste of Punjab in India’s entertainment capital Mumbai. At the launch Sandip Soparrkar with his student Ankita Dolawat performed a bollywood style tango on the old Bollywood track ‘ek ajnabi Haseena se’.

Addressing the gathering, Sandip Soparrkar appreciated the work of people associated with the magazine and praised the team behind the sensational picture. Mr Rajesh Shrivastav introduced the team; designer Chhaya Gandhi, who designed a shocking pink jacket with purple patola collar depicting the vibrant essence of India and it’s dance culture, USA based photographer Jyothi Bhuvanraj and proudly informed that the cover picture was shot at the scenic, New Jersey Gardens, in The United States of America.

Sandip Soparrkar Said, “I want to thank everyone behind Films Today magazine for choosing me and giving me the honour to be on the cover. This is the first time any Bollywood choreographer is featured on a Bollywood magazine cover. It is indeed a privilege, I am humbled that a dancer is given such an opportunity which mostly is the domain of actors and models”.


Mr Rajesh Shrivastav, owner and editor Films Today Magazine said, “I have been a great admirer of Sandip and his work so when I was planning who to feature on the July cover I could think of no one but him. Who better than the hot and sexy Sandip on our cover my team and me thought. I am glad to lead the way and put a Bollywood dancer choreographer on our cover page.”

Films today is a bollywood Magazine with international repute, apart from India it has its presence in Mauritius, China, Cambodia, Bahrain and Thailand and is soon going to expand its wings into Canada, Malaysia , Singapur and South Africa.

WEE’s WEE Clean Social Project for rural & slum ladies with brand ambassador Priyanka Pol in Borivali National Park organized by WEE Founder Chaitali Chatterjee

WEE’s Social Projects:

It’s great pleasure to share “WEE Clean Project” which will work towards sanitization of underprivileged girls and contribute on sanitary napkins and handsanitizers.

Under this project, Chaitali Chatterjee, Founder of WEE-Women Entrepreneurs Enclave along with the Project’s Brand Ambassador Mrs. Priyanka Pol, Mrs.  Universe 2017 distributed around  1140 packets of sanitary napkins and hand sanitizers to tribal girls and ladies of villages and school of Borivali National Park today.

The Entire Project is managed by ShreOM Communications and Solutions which is run by Chaitali Chatterjee. Mrs.  Amisha Parekh, Trustee Seva Trust NGO helped in the entire distribution.


Celebrity Pop singer Anaida, who is also the owner of chain of restaurants also supported the cause today by explaining about “Good touch and bad touch” to the school girls. Pratiksha Jain and Archana Modi,  Trustees of Reachout Foundation also supported today’s distribution. Kalyani’s Kamble, Life Coach explained about the importance of sanitary napkins and how to use and dispose them properly. Dr. Prachi Patel, owner of Dr. Prachi’s Novacutis Clinic explained the use and importance of hand sanitizer. Sushmita Shrivastav and Mona Shrivastav, Directors of Utility Hygiene Products pvt. Ltd. also supported the cause by getting the sanitary napkins named 24 Feminine. Other WEE members who were also present were Madhumita Ghosh, Suparna Chakhoborty, Neetu Palan, Hira Mehta, Ekta Bhargav and Swati.

GLAMOUR 2018 – brings the leading jewellers from across the nation, under one roof

“It is time to strike off ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ while buying jewellery”

Mumbai- India is a land of different cultures from which has emerged the concept of ‘Shringaar’: the ultimate art of dressing divine and no dressing is complete without the punctuation of statement jewels. Amid the diversity there is one body namely ‘GLAMOUR’ that has been dedicated to bringing under one roof the maestro jewellery artists, designers and brands from across the nation for last 17 years. And this year will be no different as ‘GLAMOUR’, the brain child of ABEC Exhibitions and Conferences Pvt. Ltd. is all set to showcase creativity of over 60 coveted brands from across the nation on  27th, 28th and 29th July, 2018 at Hotel TajLands End, Bandra West.

GLAMOUR, serving as an exhibitor of true luxury has been synonymous to India’s Finest Premium Jewelry exhibitthat reaches out miles to the artisans and top jewellery labels from different nooks and parts of the country, serving for them as a ‘One-stop station’. Since, it is the only B2C fine jewellery exhibition it offers its exhibitors to directly cater their creativity to the ultimate consumers under one roof.

Pledged for a consistent proffering of A-list jewellery brands, GLAMOUR being no different this time is well equipped to bring forth the brands like Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers of Jaipur; Charu Jewels of Surat; Karpagam Jewellers of Coimbatore; Navrathan Jewellers of Bengaluru; P. Manoharlal Luxury Jewellerof Hyderabad; P C Totuka& Sons of Jaipur; Raj Mahtani Couture Jewels of Kolkatta; Raniwala Jewellers of Jaipur; Rawat Jewels of Jaipur; andShri Raj Mahal Jewellers of Delhi  to name a few.

GLAMOUR truly understands that different parts of India have different customs and therefore different kinds of jewellery, which are important and customary to wear on special occasions or a daily basis. Hence, join us at the rendezvous to experience the bonhomie of Mumbai, the city of stars that will be hosting the glitterati from all 4 zones of the country amongst the monsoon mist.

Venue:Taj Lands, Bandra West, Mumbai

Dates: 27th -28th -29th July

Timing: 11 am-8 pm

Sandeep Marwah Honored at The Bavarian Parliament

Mr Sandeep Marwah,  has made five World Records with his achievements in the media Industry and is associated with 145 countries, forming about a hundred social and cultural organizations. His efforts in the media have brought Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios another award this time at the Bavarian Parliament in Munich, Germany.

Member of Parliament Dunkel Nobert presented him the Souvenir of The Parliament. “Marwah has been awarded for his contribution to international Diplomacy. He works like a Global Minister. We feel honored in honoring him,” said Hannes Schurger, a well-known social worker. “Now we have opened another window for India,” said Reseri Sem Member Parliament while appreciating Marwah’s visit to Bavaria.


Mr Sandeep Marwah With Markus Soder Minister President Government of Bavaria

Sandeep Marwah also met and  appreciated by Markus Soder Minister President of Government of Bavaria, European Economic Senator Dr. Deepak Narwal, Ulrich Rieger of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Sugandh Rajaram Consul General of India.

Nilofer-E Aabi International Film Festival organised by the I.R. of Iran begins

International Film Festival ‘Nilofer-E Aabi’, for short films started yesterday on 19th July 2018 at Ravindra Natya Mandir, which was organised by Culture House of the I.R. of Iran in Mumbai. Many stars from Bollywood and TV Industry attended this event, actors like Akbar Khan, Ali Asgar, Sajjad Delafroz, Ratan Rajput and Iranian actress and director Azar Faramarzi where as the Director of Culture House of the I.R. of Iran in Mumbai Mr. Mahdi Zare Bieib, President of  Federation of Film Societies of India Mr. Kiran Shantaram was also present at the occasion.

Short Films from 8 different countries will be shown in this festival, like from India, short film ‘Manto Ki Shaadi’ was shown, along with this selected feature films from India, Iran, Russia, Germany and Turkey will also be shown at this festival.

Festival started with National Anthem of Iran and India, followed by lighting of auspicious lamp, there after one by one his Excellency Mr. Mahdi Zare Bieib Director of the Culture House of the I.R. of Iran Mumbai, Kiran Shantaram, Akbar Khan, Ali Asgar, Sajjad Delafroz and Azar Faramarzi spoke few words about their views on this festival. Trailer of this festival was shown to audience in beginning of this festival.


‘नीलोफर-ए आबी’ इंटरनेशनल फ़िल्म फेस्टीवल का आयोजन आई आर ईरान का प्रारंभ।

इंटरनेशनल फ़िल्म फेस्टिवल ‘नीलोफर-ए आबी’, की शार्ट फिल्म्स की शुरुआत कल १९ जुलाई २०१८ को रविन्द्र नाट्य मंदिर से हुई। इसे ईरान के कल्चर हाउस आई आर द्वारा मुंबई में आयोजित किया गया है। इस अवसर पर बॉलीवुड और टी वी के कई सितारे जैसे अकबर खान, अली असगर, सज्जाद डेलाफ़रोज़, रतन राजपूत और ईरानियन अदाकारा एवं निर्देशिका अजर फरामर्ज़ी के संग आई आर ईरान के डायरेक्टर ऑफ कल्चर हाउस, मुम्बई के जनाब माहदी ज़रे बीएब, फेडरेशन ऑफ फ़िल्म सोसाइटीज ऑफ इंडिया के अध्यक्ष किरण शान्ताराम मौजूद थे।

आठ देशों के शार्ट फ़िल्म्स इस फेस्टिवल में दिखाए जाएंगे, जिसमे इंडिया से ‘मंटो की शादी’, दिखाई गई, साथ ही कई फ़ीचर फिल्में इंडिया, ईरान, रशिया, जर्मनी और टर्की से भी दिखाई जाएंगी।

समारोह की शुरुआत ईरान और इंडिया के राष्ट्रीय गान से हुआ, जिसके बाद पारंपरिक रूप से दिया जलाया गया, तत्पश्चात माननीय माहदी ज़रे बीएब, किरण शांताराम, अकबर खान, अली असगर, सज्जाद डेलाफ़रोज़ और अजर फरामर्ज़ी ने इस समारोह पर अपने व्यक्तव्य दिए, साथ ही फेस्टिवल के ट्रेलर से इसका प्रारम्भ हुआ।
—–Wasim Siddique (Fame Media)

Kajal Raghwani – Aakash Singh Starrer Film Releasing On 27 July 2018 In Bihar & Jharkhand

काजल राघवानी और आकाश सिंह की जोड़ी 27जुलाई को दिखेगी बिहार के सिनेमाघरों में।

काजल राघवानी ,आकाश सिंह यादव एवं कुंदन शनीसिंह की अनोखी जोड़ी है फ़िल्म”भौजी पटनिया” 27 जुलाई को बिहार और झारखण्ड में एक साथ प्रदर्शित सरगम फिल्म्स द्वारा की जा रही है । स्काईलाइट स्टूडियोज़ और दक्षराज फिल्म्स प्रोडक्शन कृत भोजपुरी फ़िल्म “भौजी पटनिया”  रिलीज़ के लिए तैयार है। महिला सशक्तिकरण पर आधारित इस फ़िल्म में महिलाओं पर हो रहे अत्याचार एवं भृष्टाचारी  भ्रष्ट नेता के खिलाफ संघर्ष कर के अपने परिवार और पूरे गाँव को उसके चँगुल से मुक्त कराकर भृष्टाचारी नेताओं को उसके अंजाम तक पहुंचने और बाकी सारे गाँव वालों को प्रगती और उन्नती की ओर अग्रसर करने वाली महिला की कहानी है।

संघर्षशील बहु के किरदार को बड़े ही जानदार रूप से अभिनीत किया है अभिनेत्री काजल राघवानी एवंआकाश सिंह यादव और कुंदन कृष्णन ,शनि सिंह की जोड़ी दर्शकों को खूब पसंद आएगा साथ मे ,कुणाल सिंह ,, सीमा सिंह, और प्रवीण झा ,  इत्यादि ने शानदार अभिनय किया है।फ़िल्म का निर्माण प्रवीण झा और कृष्ण प्रसाद गुप्ता ने किया है, निर्देशक हैं अजय-प्रवीण, संगीत ओम झा का, गीतों को मधुर आवाज़ से संवारा है इंदु सोनाली, प्रियंका सिंह और मोहन राठौर ने, एक्शन महाराजन कुमार ने दिया है नृत्यनिर्देशक अन्थोनी एवंबआर्ट अंजनी तिवारी का है जबकी कैमरामेन त्रिलोकी चौधरी का है। फ़िल्म की शूटिंग बिहार के सीतामढ़ी, मधुभनी, दरभंगा एवं जहानाबाद के अलावा गुजरात के राजपिपला और मुम्बई में किया गया है।प्रचार -प्रसार अखिलेश सिंह द्वारा किया जा रहा है।

—-Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

Pakhi Hegde Multi Talented Versatile Actress

Pakhi Hegde (born on 7th June, 1985 at Vasai, near Mumbai suburb Borivali) is an Indian television and film actress, who predominantly works in Bhojpuri cinema. She has received several accolades, including Bhojpuri Cinema Award and Bhojpuri City Award. She also worked in Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi and English movies. She worked with Sachin Khedekar, Mahesh Manjrekar and Saysji Shindein in critically acclaimed Marathi films “Sat Na Gat” and “Gulabi”. She also worked with Big B, Jaya Bachchan and Gulshan Grover in Hindi social drama “Ganga Devi” (which released  in English with title “The Great Leader” and  Gujrati dubbed version titled as “Naam Che Maru Ganga”) and “Woman From The East,” which garnered her special jury award. In Punjabi, she was leading lady “Kudessan”. Pakhi also participated in Piff &Iffsa Festival, 2014. She also acted in a Tulu film “Bangarda Kural.” She bagged two awards for this movie, viz : Red FM Tulu Film Award 2014 and Tulu Film Festival Award 2015

Pakhi Hegde made her acting debut with a television daily soap aired on Doordarshan, titled “Main Banoongi Miss India.” and “Kannadiga Girl”. Veteran cinematographer – turned – director Gyan Sahay introduce her on silver screen in a Bhojpuri love story “Bairy Piya” opposite Mohit Daga. This beautiful film didn’t hit the box office, but critically acclaimed.  Pakhi became a new charming face of Bhojpuri cinema. She was offered films with super star of Bhojpuri cinema, Manoj Tiwari. The following years, she worked with Dinesh Lal Yadav and Pawan Singh. Her on screen chemistry with Dinesh Lal was highly appreciated and cine lovers called her Hema Malini of Bhojpuri cinema. She was paired with Dinesh (Nirahua) in more than two dozens of films.

This 5’5″ fair and gorgeous beauty paired with Manoj Tiwari in “Bhaiya Hamaar Dayavaan”, “Ganga Jamuna Saraswati”, “Paramveer Parshuram,” as well as in “Pyar Mohabbat Zindabaad,”  Pawan Purwaeeya n   “Devar Bhabhi” with Pawan Singh. And here are the films, in which Pakhi was paired with Dineshlal Yadav :

— “Nirahua Rickshawala, Nirahua Chalal Sasuraal, Nirahua No.1, Nirahua Mail, Khiladi No.1, Deewana, Pratigya, Daag, Dil, Vidhaata, Pariwar, Lofer (Loafer), Prem Ke Rog Bhaeel,  Khoon Pasina, Aulaad, Dushmani, Saat Saheliyan, Jaani Dushman, Hunterwali,  Aaj Ke Karan Arjun, Hamara Maati Mein Dum Ba,  Kaise Kahin Ki Tohra Se Pyar Ho Gaeel, Aakhri Raasta etc.

—-Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

Nadaan Ishq Ba MUhurat Held In Mumbai Film Is Based Teenager Love Story

टीन एज लव स्टोरी पर आधारित फ़िल्म ‘नादान इश्क बा’ का मुहुर्त ।

मोहन राठौड़ की आवाज़ में गीत की रिकॉर्डिंग के साथ निर्देशक संतराम की फ़िल्म शुरू,

इश्क़ की नादानी की कहानी और एक टीन एज लव स्टोरी वाली भोजपुरी फ़िल्म ‘नादान इश्क बा’ का मुहुर्त पिछले दिनों मुम्बई में हुआ। नेहा फ़िल्म प्रोडक्शन हाउस के बैनर तले बनने जा रही इस फ़िल्म की शुरुआत मुम्बई के एबी साउंड रिकॉडिंग स्टूडियो में मोहन राठौड़ और इन्दु सोनाली की आवाज़ में एक गीत की रिकॉर्डिंग के साथ हुई। फ़िल्म के निर्माता योगेश कुमार और निर्देशक संतराम हैं। फ़िल्म में आशीष कुमार और प्रीति कुमारी की फ्रेश जोड़ी दिखेगी जबकि अवधेश मिश्रा, संजय पाण्डेय, सीपी भट्ट, जय प्रकाश सिंह और अन्नू ओझा भी अहम किरदार में होंगे। फ़िल्म के लेखक अभय यादव, डीओपी डीके शर्मा, आर्ट डायरेक्टर पप्पू राज,कोरियोग्राफर संतोष सर्वदर्शी और एक्जयुटिव प्रोड्यूसर अरबिंद सिंह हैं।


भोजपुरी के मशहूर खलनायक संजय पाण्डेय ने मुहूर्त के अवसर पर मीडिया से बात करते हुए बताया कि इस फ़िल्म में मेरे बड़े भाई का रोल अवधेश मिश्रा कर रहे है। मैं फ़िल्म में विलेन हूं। हीरो हीरोइन नए हैं। संतराम अच्छे लेखक डायरेक्टर है, मुझे विश्वास है कि वह अच्छी फ़िल्म बनाएंगे।’

इस अवसर पर निर्देशक संतराम ने कहा “इश्क तो नादान होता है समझदारी से तो व्यापार होता है। इसलिए इसका नाम नादान इश्क बा रखा है। मुझे इस टिन एज स्टोरी के लिए 18-19 साल के लड़के लड़की चाहिए थी। मैंने इन दोनों लड़के लड़की का ओडिशन लिया. अगस्त से शूट शुरू करना है।”

निर्माता योगेश कुमार की यह पहली फ़िल्म है। उन्होंने कहा “यह एक साफ सुथरी कहानी है, कोई वल्गैरिटी नही । टीन एजर लव स्टोरी है। मोहन राठौड़ की आवाज़ में छोटे बाबा के संगीत निर्देशन में एक गीत रिकॉर्ड किया गया है। नवम्बर तक रिलीज़ का प्लान है।

लेखक अभय यादव ने बताया कि संतराम को यह सब्जेक्ट पसन्द आया। नया कंटेंट है भोजपुरी सिनेमा के लिए। उम्मीद है कि दर्शको को भी पसन्द आएगा।”

आशीष कुमार और प्रीति कुमारी इस क्यूट सी लव स्टोरी को लेकर बेहद एक्साइटेड हैं। इसमें दलित फैमिली से लड़का बिलोंग करता है। कहानी जातपात के उपर है।

—-Akhlesh Singh PRO

Prabhiraj Nadarajan honoured with Singapore Pravasi Express Business Excellence Award

  • Prabhiraj played a crucial role in the evolution of UAE-based Aries Group as a global conglomerate. 
  • Singapore-based Pravasi Express honours prominent NRIs for their professional excellence and contributions to society.

Kochi (18-07-2018): PrabhirajNadarajan, a leading NRI entrepreneur and Managing Director of Aries Group of Companies, has been honoured with Singapore Pravasi Express Business Excellence Award for his exceptional leadership qualities and business acumen.
The award was distributed by Singapore Senior Ambassador Gopinath Pillai at a function held at Kallang Theatre in Singapore. Lee Hong Chuang BBM, Advisor, HougangGrassroot Organization, Singapore, was also present on the occasion.
UAE headquartered Aries Group is a multinational consortium of 47 companies having presence in 15 countries.

Singapore-based Pravasi Express honours prominent NRIs for their professional excellence and contributions to society.
Prabhiraj, known for his management strategies, played a crucial role in transforming Aries Group to a global conglomerate within a short span of time. Under his astute leadership, UT division of the group became the largest thickness gauging company in the world. The division has grown rapidly over the last few years and became world-class Inspection and Maintenance division with 25 subdivisions, handling more than 150 activities with around 850 staff.
As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and women empowerment activities, he recently established an office at his home town in Punalur in Kollam district. The office employs 85 staff, most of which are women. He also has been distributing pension and welfare schemes for 30 parents in his village.

Leera The Soulmate To Get free movie tickets just download The App Leera The Soulmate

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The most awaited film leera the soulmate is releasing on 24 August 2018 this is a complete vfx movie  post production has invested lot of time and money for this movie in this film lead actress leera kaljai and actors mehul adwani has given a whole new turn to love romance and action this movie has shown us that even on space there are people and even they fall in love .


It is completely a different love story director of the film sumnash sri kaljai states that this shall be very first bollywood love story which has started from space title song this film ‘Tum hi to meri soulmate ho god ki bhet ho mere liye set ho” is a song that to touches people heart as soon as they hear it every song in this film has amazing scene producer script and lyrics writer of this film usha kaljai has stated that this film and all the people amazed and this movie shall touch their heart in a way that they can never forget it . Before the release itself the film has already been nominated for awards at many places.

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Bollywood Horror movie Adrishya releasing on 3rd August

Adrishya movie which has had a good run at National and International festivals like Los Angles Cine Festival, RIFF, South Film And Arts Academy Festival, Rajasthan International Film Festival, Cult Critics Movie Award, Five Continents International Film Festival, 3rd Golden Triangle International Film Festival and Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, is set to be screened at big screen, After getting many awards Adrishya director Sandeep Chatterjee has another reason to celebrate.

The film is going to release on 3rd August 2018. Produced by Satish Poojary and under the banner of AudioLab, ADRISHYA is an Emotional thriller which explores the intricacies of a child – Parent believe in knowing each other. A never seen Child anxiety and its evil effect that will make you emotional and cry. Twist and turns in the movie will hold your breath by a high degree of Adventure and Suspense. Debutant Director Sandeepp Chatterjee says, “I was fascinated by the idea of exploring Biggest Disadvantage of a Nuclear Family and Sibling rivalry”

———Pigeon Media (Abhishek Dubey PRO)

Leera The Soulmate To Get free movie tickets just download Leera The Soulmate App

Free tickets  to get free movie tickets just download leera the soulmate app

The most awaited film leera the soulmate is releasing on 24 August 2018 this is a complete vfx movie  post production has invested lot of time and money for this movie in this film lead actress leera kaljai and actors mehul adwani has given a whole new turn to love romance and action this movie has shown us that even on space there are people and even they fall in love.


It is completely a different love story director of the film sumnash sri kaljai states that this shall be very first bollywood love story which has started from space title song this film ‘Tum hi to meri soulmate ho god ki bhet ho mere liye set ho” is a song that to touches people heart as soon as they hear it every song in this film has amazing scene producer script and lyrics writer of this film usha kaljai has stated that this film and all the people amazed and this movie shall touch their heart in a way that they can never forget it . Before the release itself the film has already been nominated for awards at many places

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ARI Registry Services provider carrying a colossal colonial hang-up against India

New Delhi, 17 July, 2018: ARI Registry Services is a domain name registry provider based out of Australia. It claims to be at the forefront of the Internet revolution, at least in the way we navigate on the web.

Since 2015 it is part of Neustar, Inc. which is a venture capital owned US provider of domain name registry services, that was recently thrown out by the Australian country code .AU regulator for poor services and technology.

Therefore, it is shocking to see this Australian registry provider carrying a colossal colonial hang-up against India.

The company’s website carries a news item ( announcing the opening of its office in New Delhi, dated April 1, 2014. The report states that the office has been opened “in response to market demands for cheaper back-end Registry service providers.” It further adds: “Quality staff and technology was available in India, but we strategically chose against this to pass on savings to our clients.” It states that Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI/Neustar made a commitment that ARI/Neustar will cut as many corners as possible to reduce costs. His quote: “If there is going to be a race to the bottom, then we want to win it. You’d literally have to set up operations in a Cambodian sweatshop to beat us.”

The report carries on to note that “Clients interested in on-boarding to our new cheaper Registry system are advised to expect heavy delays, poor support and inferior quality.”

Does a company such as this, really have the right to set up shop in India? Hopefully this is being noted by the Government.

AAKRANDAN Marathi Films TRAILER Launched In Mumbai

समाजातील संवेदनशील विषयाला वाचा फोडणाऱ्या ‘आक्रंदन’ चित्रपटाचा ट्रेलर प्रदर्शित !

अनेकदा समाजात स्त्रीला एक भोगवस्तू म्हणूनच पाहिले जाते. लैंगिक अत्याचाराच्या घटनांचे प्रमाण आपल्या देशात दिवसेंदिवस वाढताना दिसते आहे. या भयाण वास्तवाची जाणीव करून देतानाच आपल्या जबाबदारीची जाणीवही करून देणाऱ्या ‘आक्रंदन’ या मराठी चित्रपटाची पहिली झलक केंद्रीय सामाजिक न्याय मंत्री रामदास आठवले यांच्या हस्ते प्रकाशित करण्यात आली. दिग्दर्शक राजकुमार संतोषी, अल हज हजरत झहीद हुसैन चिश्ती यांच्यासह अनेक मान्यवर मंडळी यावेळी उपस्थित होते.

समाजातील संवेदनशील विषयाला चित्रपटाच्या माध्यमातून वाचा फोडण्याच्या प्रामाणिक प्रयत्नाला दाद देत या चित्रपटाला केंद्रीय सामाजिक न्याय मंत्री रामदास आठवले यांनी शुभेच्छा दिल्या. विवेक पंडित प्रस्तुत व गोविंद आहेर निर्मित ‘आक्रंदन’ चित्रपटामध्ये एका गरीब असाहाय्य महिलेवर झालेली अत्याचाराची घटना, या घटनेनंतर एकत्र येत समाजात न्यायासाठी झालेला उठाव या भोवती चित्रपटाचे कथासूत्र गुंफण्यात आले आहे.

उपेंद्र लिमये, शरद पोंक्षे, मिलिंद इनामदार, गणेश यादव, बाळ धुरी यासोबत विक्रम गोखले, स्मिता तळवळकर, अमिता खोपकर, प्रदीप वेलणकर, उदय टिकेकर, भारत गणेशपुरे, तेजश्री प्रधान, विलास उजवणे, पल्लवी वाघ, स्नेहा बिरांजे या कलाकारांच्या महत्त्वपूर्ण भूमिका ‘आक्रंदन’ मध्ये आहेत.

चित्रपटाची कथा, दिग्दर्शक शशिकांत देशपांडे यांनी लिहिली असून पटकथा- संवाद शशिकांत देशपांडे व मिलिंद इनामदार यांनी लिहिले आहेत. छायाचित्रण सुप्रसिद्ध सिनेमॅटोग्राफर दामोदर नायडू यांनी केलेय. संकलन मनोज सांकला यांचे आहे.

‘पेन अँड कॅमेरा इंटरनॅशनल’ हा चित्रपट प्रदर्शित करत आहे. येत्या 7 सप्टेंबरला ‘आक्रंदन’ सर्वत्र प्रदर्शित होणार आहे.

——–Wasim Siddique (Fame Media)

Shivsena’s agitation against potholes in a Unique way, leaded by Jitendra Janaunve

14th July 2018, Saturday, Shivsena held a agitation along with students of Sane Guruji Municipal School, against Potholes in Daulat Nagar, Santacruz West, in very unique way, in guidance of local Shivsena leader Jitendra Janaunve.

Student’s performed live paintings on the potholes and also wrote easy message to Assistance Municipal Commissioner Sharad Ugaade, and all these paintings will be presented to Ward Officer on Monday. Local Shivsena leader Jitendra Janaunve was leading this protest, he said, local BJP MLA Ashish Shelar and Municipal Councillor Hetal Gala is responsible for the bad conditions of the road, long back developer has already handed this DP road to SRA, and BMC was instructed by SRA to repair this road, but BMC is not serious, so protest will be continued.

Student’s of Sane Guruji School,  are the most affected by these potholes, it is a big lesson to local Corporater and BMC, also to MLA.


——–Wasim Siddique (Fame Media)

सड़क के गड्ढों के खिलाफ शिवसेना का अनोखा आंदोलन, जितेन्द्र जनौनवे के नेतृत्व में।

दिनाँक १४ जुलाई २०१८, दिन शनिवार को शिवसेना के लोकल नेता जितेन्द्र जनौनवे के नेतृत्व में साणे गुरुजी म्युनिसिपल स्कूल के छात्रों के संग, दौलत नगर, सांताक्रुज पश्चिम में सड़क के गड्ढों के खिलाफ एक अनोखा प्रतिरोध दर्शाया।

साणे गुरुजी स्कूल के विद्यार्थियों ने उन सड़क के गड्ढों की ना सिर्फ लाइव पेंटिंग बनाई, बल्कि उस के ऊपर संदेश भी लिखा, असिस्टेंट म्युनिसिपल कमिश्नर को, जो सोमवार को वार्ड ऑफिसर को सौंपा जाएगा। जितेन्द्र जनौनवे ने बताया कि लोकल भा ज पा के विधायक आशीष शेलार व कॉर्पोरेटर हेतल गाला, इस स्तिथि के ज़िम्मेदार हैं, कई बार सूचित करने के बावजूद सड़क की मरम्मत ना होने की वजह से स्कूल के बच्चों को काफी दिक्कतों का सामना करना पड़ता है, इस वजह से ये आंदोलन जारी रहेगा।

Vinay Anand sung devotional song – Shiv Shiv Ratein To Kusht Kate – dedicated to Shiv Ji

If cinema is the heart of India, music is its soul. While the actors portraying different roles take us to a new world each time we watch a movie, it’s the songs and the voices behind them that makes all the difference in the world. While there are brilliant actors in Bollywood, there are few gifted ones with multiple talents. But a few actors in the industry have broken out of this style to showcase their own talent when it comes to music.

Vinay Anand is making a solid comeback to the big screen with the action drama, before that he sung a devotional song “Shiv Shiv Ratein To Kusht Kate” dedicated to Shiv Ji. Vinay released this song in a holy month of Shravan, Shravan is a month of Shiv Ji. The song Penned and music directed by Kaamini Khanna released by Flying Horses Music Entertainment.

———Abhishek Dubey(PRO)

Heena Panchal rain dance on – Tip Tip Barsa Pani

Monsoons are here in India – with all its romantic connotations. One cannot think of Bollywood without rains – with all its sultry numbers with sari-clad actresses dancing in the drizzle. Bollywood and monsoon have a crazy connection, with actresses dancing in a wet sarees. Monsoon is on and many actors shoot videos dancing in the rain. In fact, there are celebrities who love enjoying rain with music.


Model cum Actress Heena Panna look like Malaika Arora Khan has come into the limelight these days. Her pictures and videos on Bollywood famous song “Tip Tip Barsa Pani” are going viral. She got wet in the rain, and looked very sexy and sensuous.

———Abhishek Dubey(PRO)

Red Punch Knock Down Hindi Film’s Muhurat Held In Mumbai

बॉक्सिंग पर एक और हिंदी फिल्म ‘रेड पंच नॉक डाउन’ का शानदार मुहुर्त ।

बॉलीवुड में इन दिनों स्पोर्ट्स और खिलाड़ियों पर कई फ़िल्मे लगातार बन रही है। बॉक्सिंग पर एक फ़िल्म आ रही है रेड पंच नॉक डाउन, जिसमे एक ट्विस्ट भी है।

मुम्बई के लता मंगेशकर स्टूडियो में सिंगर प्रियंका सिंह की आवाज़ में एक गीत की रिकॉर्डिंग के साथ हिंदी फिल्म ‘रेड पंच नॉक डाउन’ का शानदार मुहुर्त हुआ, जहां फ़िल्म से जुड़े तमाम लोगों के अलावा मीडिया कर्मियों की भी भारी संख्या मौजूद थी। इस फ़िल्म के निर्माता मोहम्मद अज़ीमुश शान जबकि लेखक निर्देशक संजीव त्रिगुनायत हैं। फ़िल्म के संगीतकार अफ़रोज़ खान हैं।

रेड काइट फ़िल्म प्रोडक्शंस के बैनर तले बनने जा रही इस फ़िल्म का पोस्टर बेहद रोचक और रहस्यमय है। जिसमे हाथों में बॉक्सिंग के ग्लव्स है तो कलाइयों में चूड़ियां भी दिख रही है।

फ़िल्म के निर्माता मोहम्मद अज़ीमुश शान ने यहां मीडिया से बात करते हुए बताया कि यह  आज अंधेरी स्थित लता मंगेशकर स्टूडियो में बड़े ही धूम-धाम से मुहूर्त किया गया। फ़िल्म के निर्माता अज़ीमुश शान ने कहा कि यह फ़िल्म बॉक्सर के जीवन में हुई एक उथल-पुथल को दर्शाती है, यह फ़िल्म कुछ अलग मूड़ की है, जिसको हर तरह का दर्शक पसंद करेगा। फ़िल्म के लेखक/निर्देशक संजीव त्रिगुणायत ने कहा कि  यह फ़िल्म अपने आप में एक अनूठी फ़िल्म है, यह फ़िल्म उन लोगों के गाल पर तमाचा है जो किन्नरों को गिरी नज़र से देखते हैं। साथ ही साथ ज़िन्दगी से हार चुके लोगों में जोश और जुनून को दर्शाती है। फ़िल्म के म्यूजिक डायरेक्टर अफरोज़ खान ने कहा कि फ़िल्म में लगभग 5 सॉंग हैं, जो कि हर बर्ग के लोगों को ध्यान में रखकर बनाए गए हैं। बॉलीवुड के सीनियर एक्टर रमेश गोयल ने कहा कि इस फ़िल्म में मैं मंत्री की अहम भूमिका में नज़र आऊँगा। जबकि बॉक्सिंग इसका अहम पार्ट है।

सिंगर प्रियंका सिंह ने कहा कि मैंने एक आइटम सॉन्ग गाया है। जो एक माइंडब्लोइंग गाना है। फ़िल्म में संजीव त्रिगुणायत डायरेक्टर हैं। इस गाने का मुखड़ा गाकर प्रियंका ने सबको मंत्र मुग्ध कर दिया। गाने के बोल हैं। ‘मुन्नी और पिंकी भी मेरी दीवानी, देख मेरा यौवन आये मुंह मे पानी, मेरे आगे फेल है शीला की जवानी, आई आई रे नथुनिया रानी….” नई प्रतिभाओं को मौक़ा देने के उद्देश्य से उत्तराखंड, लखनऊ के आस- पास ऑडिशन लिए गए। जिसमे बरेली(उत्तर-प्रदेश) के नदीम नियाज़ी को मुख्य भूमिका में चयनित कर लिया गया है। मार्केट के कई बड़े कलाकारों का जल्द ही चयन कर लिया जाएगा।

—–Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

Padmashri Kannu Bhai Tailor In Coming Film Monkey Business

मंकी बिजनेस में पद्मश्री कनु भाई टेलर

भारतीय वर्तमान शिक्षा नीति पर प्रहार करती फ़िल्म मंकी बिजनेस में डिसएबल वेलफेयर ट्रस्ट ऑफ इंडिया के फाउंडर डायरेक्टर और प्रसिद्ध समाज सेवक कनु भाई टेलर एक विशेष भूमिका में नजर आएंगे।  हाल ही में सूरत में उनके किरदार की शूटिंग सम्पन्न हुई। आपको बता दें कि भारतीय शिक्षा नीति एक लकीर पर चलती है जहां छात्रों को उन विषयों को भी पढ़ना पड़ता है जिसमे उसकी रुचि नही रहती। इन्ही सारी मुद्दों को समेट कर तक्षराज फिल्म्स के बैनर तले निर्माता अश्विन भाई पटेल व अनिल गजराज ने मंकी बिज़नेस नाम की एक फ़िल्म का निर्माण शुरू किया है जिसके पहले चरण की शूटिंग गुजरात के गिर नेशनल पार्क के घने जंगलों के अलावा गुजरात के अन्य हिस्सों में पूरी कर ली है । पद्मश्री कनु भाई टेलर ने बताया कि फ़िल्म के निर्देशक अनिल गजराज ने जब उन्हें फ़िल्म का सब्जेक्ट बताया तो उन्होंने खुद को इस फ़िल्म का हिस्सा बनाने का फैसला किया । अनिल गजराज ने बताया कि मंकी बिजनेस का शाब्दिक अर्थ बच्चो के उग्र आचरण को कहा जाता है ।

उन्होंने कहा यह फ़िल्म देश की सामान्य शिक्षा व्यवस्था के विकल्प के रूप में होलिस्टिक एडुकेशन को सामने रखती है जहां शिक्षक बच्चो की रुचि को ध्यान में रखकर उन्हें अपने पैरों पर खड़ा होने के लिए प्रेरित करते हैं।  हाल के कुछेक बरसो में इस तरह की शिक्षा कुछ स्कूल ने शुरू भी की है । मंकी बिजनेस में रौनक , खुशी सिंह , ध्याना , तक्ष पटेल , हर्ष शर्मा , बनवारी लाल झोल , संजय गुरबक्शानी,  लाजवंती भगतानी , पूजन जोशी , ध्रुदीप ठक्कर , आकाश सिप्पी , मधु रावत, बिनोद सिंह और श्रिया तिवारी आदि मुख्य भूमिका में हैं । फ़िल्म के गीतकार व संगीतकार हैं संतोष पुरी , सिनेमेटोग्राफर हैं जयंता घोष जबकि फ़िल्म के लेखक हैं अनिल गजराज व ध्रुदीप ठक्कर । निर्देशक अनिल गजराज ने बताया कि मंकी बिजनेस शिक्षा व्यवस्था पर प्रहार करने के साथ साथ भारतीय पर्यटन उद्द्योग ,  डिजिटल इंडिया और स्किल इंडिया को प्रमोट करते नजर आएगी ।

—–Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

Firoz Khan Presents Short Film Pizzahurt being Produced under the banner of Star 9 Films

Firoz Khan is coming with new venture Hindi suspense thriller Short  Film “Pizzahurt” Directed by Kalyan Banerjee produced  by Firoz Khan, Cinematography by Gautam Chaudhary, Cast- Gabriel Vats and Seema Vats. Being Made Under The Banner Of Star 9 Films.

Star 9 Films Is Film Production company  Producing Hindi & regional Films, Short Films, Albums And Webseries, For Entertainment For Last Several Years, This Channel is Managed by Young Actor Firoz Khan.


Firoz Khan A business man turned Film Producer entering to this Glamour world with intention of making films for entertainment with social messages thru films, Short Films & Webseries.

Firoz Khan himself is handsome young personality with having a pleasant nature, a young actor of coming years.

Rumana Sinha Sehgal CEO & Founder – Serendipity

Rumana Sinha Sehgal Mrs Worldwide India 2018

The pursuit of the undiscovered and the passion to present to the word various art forms and artistes with a keen sense of social entrepreneurship, are the driving forces behind Serendipity and Rumana Sinha Sehgal.

This multi-talented mother of two young boys, is an Engineer and was a corporate professional with Fortune 500 companies like Oracle & ADP. Rumana turned into an entrepreneur when she started Serendipity in 2012.

Rumana was also the Chairperson for the youth wing of Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India-Young COWE, supporting and mentoring young women entrepreneurs as they start off on their own. Additionally, she also served on the Executive Board for COWE – the Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India.

Serendipity specializes in Papier Mache, Furniture and articles made from recycled products like tyres, 3D art and sculptures & installations made of varied materials like Plaster of Paris, Wood and Fibre Glass , mostly from scrap.

Also interested in the performing arts, her maiden production, Hyderabad Shuffle – a fusion of Jazz Music and Contemporary dance performed in Hyderabad in the summer of 2012.

Rumana also does event designing for Corporate, School and private events.

The Papier Mache furniture line was showcased at the COWE Trade Carnival in June 2013. Her 3D sculptures are also installed in one of Mumbai’s largest play centres, “Play Around”. She was also a key supporter of the well renowned Dr. Bhaktiar Choudhary’s photography exhibition in aid of “Friends of Snakes Society” at the Muse Art Gallery in Marriott Hyderabad.


She has actively contributed towards the social causes for ” Fight Against Rape” HIFW-season 4 and ” Save the Girl Child” at HIFW-2015 as part of their show to support the cause.

Her recent achievement is  the much coveted title “Mrs Worldwide India 2018. “

Her focus being Social Entrepreneurship, she has brought several laurels to India while Developing innovative and functional “Green” products by recycling different materials Creative use of non-biodegradable materials, thus enhancing their useful life and has built a highly motivated team, providing them with enhanced skills and livelihood.



Honored by the Telangana Tourism &Culture department – Government of Telangana at the Telangana tourism conclave 2018- June 2018

2.Honored with Womennovator “Tremendous Influencer” for India by Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India – April 2018

3.Women of Worth Award – JCI award for achievements- February 2018

4.National Women Summit 2018 – Felicitated for achievements – January 2018

5.Woman of the Year 2017 Award – The Constitution Club of India , New Delhi (Arogya Darpan)-December 2017

6.Woman of Inspiration 2017- .Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India Award – November 2017

7.Women Economic Forum WEF’17 Iconic Women Leader Creating a Better world for all ( Annual WEF Summit , May 2017 , New Delhi)

8.Women’s Glory Women Achievers Award for Social Entrepreneurship – July 2017

9.Women Economic Forum WEF’17 Iconic Women Leader Creating a Better world for all (Regional WEF Summit – Jan 2017)

10.Featured in Coffee table book Women Glory – Success Stories of Women from South India -July2017

11.Brand Ambassador for Recycling Life – Meridian School, Banjara Hills ,Hyderabad.

12.The Lady -Women Achievers Award for Social Entrepreneurship -2015.

13.Decade of Excellence Award for contribution in Social Entrepreneurship and Art at the Women’s International Summit for Entrepreneurship (WISE) – 2014.

14.Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India Award for the Best Entrepreneur for the Year for Social Entrepreneurship and Art – 2012-13

Appointed National Coordinator HASNAA- Healthy Affoordable Solutions for Aam Aadmi-June 2018

Pioneering Art for cause – Series -Bhavishya- “ Future of Human Race -Children “ and Series-Woman “ An architect of change.” ( Her own creations on canvas )

All India Menstrual Hygiene Awareness –

Her organization Serendipity Launched -Rajshekar- Biodegradable Sanitary pads  in association Vyomini (Manufacturer) – A Make in India and Swachch Bharat Initiative, Supported by Government of India – on International Menstruation day 28th May 2018 with the Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India

Served as Chairperson for the youth wing of Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India-Young COWE, supporting and mentoring young women entrepreneurs as they start off on their own. Additionally, she also served on the Executive Board for COWE – the Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India.

19.Mrs India Universe 2017 -Hyderabad

20.Mrs India Universe 2017- Iconic eyes

21.Mrs India Universe International 2017

22.Mrs Worldwide India 2018

23.Archerz Mrs India 2018 Style Icon

24.Showstopper -Rotary Annual Convention -For the cause of Pediatric cancers and fund raiser for Dialysis units -April 2018

25.Showstopper Hyderabad International Fashion Week 2015-For the cause of Save the Girl Child(New York Fashion Designer-Sanjana Jon)

Showstopper Hyderabad International Fashion Week 2014 – For the cause of Fight against Rape ( Design house -MeBaz)

Invited by the Telangana Government for the GES’17 at the Global Entrepreneurship summit 2017 , hosted India in the capacity of both an “Entrepreneur and as Mrs India Universe International 2017.”

28.Engineering -Bangalore Universiry topper- Branch-

Industrial Engineering and Management 1999 , Sir MVIT, Bangalore , India

29.Engineering Representative for Mechanical and Manufacturing forum &IEM branch (for batch 1995-1999) at Sir MVIT engineering College ,Bangalore , India

30.School Head Girl – Kendriya Vidyalaya Picket, Secunderabad , India 1993-1994 (Grade 12th)

31.School CCA Captain – Kendriya Vidyalaya Picket, Secunderabad , India 1992-1993(Grade 11th)

32.School CCA Captain – Kendriya Vidyalaya Picket, Secunderabad , India 1991-1992 (Grade 10th)

33.School Vice captain – Kendriya Vidyalaya Picket, Secunderabad , India 1990-1991 (Grade 9th)

34.School head girl – Kendriya Vidyalaya ,Air Force Academy , Hyderabad, India (1986-1989)

35.She was corporate professional with Fortune 500 companies like Oracle , ADP & Normak for several years (year 2000 onwards ) as an Engineer , a software professional and HR professional.

She turned into an entrepreneur when she started Serendipity in 2012 and today the CEO and Founder of Serendipity ( 2012 -till date ) ( A Social Entrepreneurship Enterprise)

Sports – Table tennis champion

Hobbies – singing , poetry , writing


Wild Tiger Rum which is India’s first and only Premium Rum was launched in Kerala recently. The made in Kerala brand was launched globally in 2016 and captured the fascination of International customers in 30 countries including UK, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Canada and even Caribbean countries like Barbados. The brand was introduced to the Beverage corporation and Consumer Fed shops in Kerala recently, and is now available across all the premium shops and bars in the state.

The Brand is owned by a young Keralite entrepreneur, Mr. Gautom Menon, who is recognised by GQ Magazine as “50 most Influential Young Indian’s”. Wild Tiger Rum is produced in the family operated SDF Distilleries in Pampadi, Thrissur district, Kerala state.  It’s the most premium offer in the entire Rum range and is price at Rs. 1500 for a 750ml bottle.

Gautom Menon, the founder and owner of Wild Tiger shares that, “Consumers, especially the westerners and travellers love our product for its unique design and delectable taste. The brand has won many International awards for its Quality Taste and Attractive Packaging,  and now the response from recent launch in Kerala has been amazing”.

The beautiful bottle is made from Velvet fabric which looks and feels like a real Tiger skin, and it grab’s attention in shops and bars. Every bottle also comes with a replica Tiger Claw. According to ancient Indian mythology it was worn to keep the evil away and symbolise “No Fear”. As we know the Tiger is a majestic creature which does not fear anything. Every bottle has a unique stripe design pattern just like each Tiger, making every bottle a unique collectible, souvenir and a great gift for consumers. The brand can be found at many leading duty free’s around the World including airports of Auckland, Singapore, Bangkok, Muscat, Sharjah, Barbados, Chile to name a few. It’s also available on leading cruise’s in Europe and Caribbean.

Wild Tiger Rum is an ethical  and responsible brand too as it supports Tiger Conservation in South India. 10% profits are donated for Wildlife projects. Today there is only 2200 Tigers in the forests, this used to be around 40,000 few decades ago. The brand is committed to the cause and works with Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve and soon with Wayanad Tiger Reserve in Kerala. The company also employs and empowers 200+ village women who hand pack every bottle at their distillery in the state of Kerala, India.

Many consumers do not realise the fact that India is the origin of Sugarcane and Rum. Our forefathers have been consuming it for over 6000 years. It spread from India to the rest of the World. Even today India is the world’s largest consumer and producer of Rum followed by USA and Philippines then the Caribbean nations.

Wild Tiger Rum is currently sold in all continents and over 30 countries Worldwide within a short span of two years and is the only Indian liquor brand available on Land, Air and Sea.

For Trade & Press enquiries, please contact Mr. Sasidharan on +91 94888 62445 or mail to

Indywood Talent Club Invites Entries For Global CSR Video Contest

Initiative to boost CSR activities

Indywood Talent Club invites entries for global CSR video contest

  • The winner will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh and a plethora of opportunities to work in the global film industry including Hollywood
  • Selected entries will be screened at 4th edition of Indywood Film Carnival which will be held at HITEX Convention Centre from 1st to 4th of December 2018
  • 30th September is the last day for submission

Hyderabad (03-07-2018): In an effort to create awareness about the importance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, Indywood Talent Club, a worldwide network of student clubs aimed at promoting art and culture and managed by Indywood Talent Hunt, has invited entries for international-level video contest based on CSR related themes.

Hyderabad-headquartered Indywood Talent Hunt (ITH) is an ambitious initiative promoted by 10 billion

US dollar Project Indywood. ITH is a premier national-level platform to discover creative talents in various artistic and cultural domains.

A team comprising of 3 to 25 people can participate. The entries must be submitted on or before 30th September 2018. The videos can be made in any language but proper subtitles must be given. The submission fee is Rs 1,000. To register, log on to

The participants should make a CSR video on any one of the below mentioned subjects;

Make in India, Swachh bharat, Prevention of child trafficking, Prevention of beggary, Environmental Sustainability, One day earning for charity, Rural health, Education/Career, Women empowerment, Religious harmony, Human resource/skill/efficiency development, Reducing child mortality, Hunger and poverty, Combating immune deficiency virus, Disaster relief activities and Socio-economic-infrastructure development.

The winners will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh and a plethora of opportunities to work in the global film industry including Hollywood. The selected entries will be screened during the fourth edition of Indywood Film Carnival (IFC 2018), to be held at HITEX Convention Centre from 1st to 4th December 2018.

For more details, please visit;

For enquiries, please contact;

Ashiklal: +91 7736301857

Dev Holker And Mir Manzar At Holker Films Presentation Album Rishta Kya Song Recording Singer Jubin Nautiyal

देव होलकर और मीर मंज़र के साथ ‘ रिश्ता क्या ‘

हाल ही में गायक ज़ुबिन नौटियाल की आवाज़ में संगीतकार इरफान अली ने एक रोमांटिक गीत रिकॉर्ड  किया है । श्रोता इस गीत में प्रेमी प्रेमिका के भावनात्मक पल को महसूस करेंगे । इसके वीडियो को विजय कुमार मिश्रा निर्देशित करने जा रहे हैं जिन्होंने रितिक रोशन की हिट फिल्म काबिल की पटकथा और संवाद लिखे थे ।

‘ रिश्ता क्या ‘ अलबम से नवोदित कलाकार देव होलकर और मीर मंज़र बॉलीवुड में कदम रख रहे हैं । कानपुर के देव और कश्मीर श्रीनगर की मीर इस रोमांटिक अलबम में अभिनय करने के लिए बेहद उत्साहित हैं ।


रिश्ता क्या अलबम के एक गाने में प्रेमी युगल के कई पहलुओं को दर्शाया जाएगा । देव होलकर अपनी अलबम के लिए काफी वर्कआउट किये हैं और इसकी मेकिंग में कोई कमी नहीं करना चाहते । संभवतः म्यूजिक कंपनी टी सीरीज द्वारा ‘ रिश्ता क्या ‘ जारी होगी ।

Song Title-  Rista kya

Lead Singer- Jubin Nitiyal

Song name _ rista kya

Music director _ irfan Ali khan

Director- Vijay Kumar Mishra

Choreographer _ Mudassar Khan

Camera man _ azlan..khan

Actor _ dev holker

actress _ mir manzar

Rohit Pathak starrer short film ‘Tum Ho Toh Hum Hain’ crossed 2 Million views on YouTube

Patriotic movies fill our hearts with emotion and swell our chests with pride. There have been some very popular patriotic films which bring tears to our eyes by making us feel the agony of the freedom struggle and the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. Bollywood has a very strong sense of patriotism. And so, every year we see at least a couple of movies dedicated to India and its freedom fighters.

Bollywood actor Rohit Pathak paid tribute to Indian soldiers through his film ‘Tum Ho Toh Hum Hain’ directed by Divyansh Pandit. Actor Rohit Pathak dressed in khakee coloured army uniform loaded with AK -56 is all set to fight for our nation, he laid the wreath in remembrance of all the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the country.


Rohit Pathak Said,

The Film is based on 2016 Uri Attack. It was an attack by four heavily armed terrorists on 18 September 2016, near the town of Uri in the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir. It was reported as “the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in two decades.”

RBR Films Production A Film Production House Coming With Many New Ventures

RBR Films Production A Film Producing Company is of Rahul Kumar Producer-actor who is set make Hindi & regional Feature Films & Short Films under this banner. This banner is ready to make many films of which few films have started shooting as well, and some films muhurat has been performed on lavish scale. +Rahul Kumar as producer say he will be making all this films as Commercial masala films but with messages to the socity in particular.


For all these films starcast and Pre production activity are in progress. Some of the coming films of RBR Films Production  which are making brisk progress and are at various stage of production are  Something Wrong, Intezar Aaj Bhi Hai, Ranjha, Gun Point and many more.

Rohit Shah Birthday Celebrated At Khesarilal Yadav Film Set

खेसारी लाल यादव की फिल्म के सेट पर मना रोहित शाह का बर्थडे !

भोजपुरी स्टार खेसारी लाल यादव ना सिर्फ बड़े अभिनेता हैं बल्कि वह दिल के भी बड़े इन्सान हैं. सेट पर वह अपने सभी साथी कलाकारों, निर्देशक और साथ ही तमाम टेक्नीशियन का भी ख्याल् रखते हैं. पिछले दिनों ४ जुलाई को मुंबई के फिल्म सिटी स्टूडियो में वह एक्ट्रेस काजल रघवानी के साथ अपनी फिल्म ‘नाग देव’ की शूटिंग कर रहे थे तो उन्हें पता चला कि इसी सेट पर काम कर रहे एक टेक्नीशियन रोहित शाह का जन्मदिन है तो उन्होंने रोहित का बर्थडे मनाने के लिए सेट पर ही कहा. खेसारी लाल यादव ने रोहित शाह का बर्थडे मनाया और रोहित को जन्मदिन की ढेर सारी शुभकानाए दीं और उन्हें जीवन में आगे बढ़ने की प्रेरणा भी दी.


सीतामढ़ी बिहार के रहने वाले रोहित शाह ने अपनी मेहनत, लगन और प्रतिभा से फिल्म इंडस्ट्री में अपना एक मुकाम बनाया है. मुंबई के गोरेगांव स्थित फिल्म सिटी स्टूडियो में एक फिल्म की शूटिंग के सेट पर उनका जन्मदिन खेसारी लाल यादव के साथ मना, यह सब रोहित के लिए किसी सपने के पूरे होने जैसा एहसास था. वह बेहद उत्साहित लहजे में कहते हैं ”मेरा जन्म ४ जुलाई १९९३ को हुआ था. और अपने बर्थडे के मौके पर सुपर स्टार खेसारी लाल यादव ने जो मेरा हौसला बढ़ाया, मुझे जन्मदिन की मुबारकबाद दी, वह मेरे लिए यादगार रहा. यह बर्थडे मेरे जीवन का सबसे स्पेशल बर्थडे बन गया. सुपर स्टार खेसरीलाल यादव के अलावा काजल रघवानी, शिखा मिश्रा, कुसुम सिंह, इंद्र शाह, प्रचारक अखिलेश सिंह ,बबलू पाण्डेय,, रोहन शाह, पंकज सिंह,  संजय विश्वकर्मा, अंगद चौहान, विजय गुड्डू का दिल से शुक्रिया अदा करना चाहूंगा, जिन्होंने मुझे बर्थडे पर ढेर सारी शुभकामनाये दीं.’

—–Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

Rahul Kumar Actor With Artistic Talent & Pleasing Nature

Rahul Kumar actor with artistic talent has many released and completed films to his credit. He has even worked in One South Film as a Leading actor the film was hit at the box-office. The sincere actor with pleasing and friendly nature is down to earth personality respecting everybody whether he is junior in his profession.

Rahul Kumar has a very good relation with top film personalities, actors, producers, directors like Firoz Nadiadwala, Tigmansu Dhulia, Umesh Sukla,  E. Niwas, Anil Sharma, Anuj Sharma, Govinda, Himesh Resmiya, Neha Dhupia, Ritesh Desmukh, Harry Josh,  Sarman Joshi, Nadiya Hussain, Puja Chopra, Mithun Chakkarborty and the list goes on.


Some of the coming films of Rahul Kumar  which are making brisk progress and are at various stage of production are ‘Betiyan Ek Nanhi Si Kali’ a  hindi movie being  produced by  Naveen Chandra Reddy police commissioner, Subh Ratry film being directed by  Rajan Agarwal, ‘I Am Not Beggers’ Hindi movie being directed by  Vijay Pall, Second Chance, Gun point  all hindi films.

We wish him  all the very best for all future endeavors.

Kishwer Merchant, Abigail Pande, Sreejita De and Pryanca Talukdar announce their trip to Maldives with Fitzup

FitZup’s Healthy Cheats at Cocoon, Maldives

Embarking with the enthralling concept of fitness tours, FitZup had organized their quests to various domestic and international places such as Jordan, Taiwan and Pushkar, being India’s first fitness company to promote Fitness Tourism in an organised way. Adding on to the fitness tours, they are all set for their expedition to Cocoon Maldives, Unrivalled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches and an amazing underwater world make Cocoon Maldives an obvious choice for a true holiday of a lifetime

The ideology behind this expedition is to change the perception of fitness enthusiasts about the term ‘Cheat Meal’. Well, after 5 days of rigorous workout and disciplined diet, everyone waits for a scrumptious cheat day, but you also want to make sure that doesn’t attenuate all the hard work and sweat just for satiating the taste buds. However, as much as it sounds unachievable, it is quite fascinating to know how it can be done. And with the concept of healthifying the Cheat Meals, FitZup proudly announces this trip with well-renowned TV celebrities and fitness enthusiasts like Kishwer Merchant, Abigail Pande, Sreejita De and Pryanca Talukdar along with pro-athlete Sahil Rasheed who will be a part of this healthy cheat activity, wherein each one of them would be putting up their demands of their favorite cheat meal on a particular day to the chef and he will be presenting the dish in an interesting make-over, turning it into a healthy meal to binge upon.

In collaboration with EaseMyTrip as Travel Partner, Mr Rikant Pitti, EaseMyTrip, Co-Founder and COO says, “EaseMyTrip is glad to be associated with FitZup. With this amazing association of EaseMyTrip & FitZup, we are trying to bring in a revolution of promoting tourism for everyone while keeping fitness and health in mind on our 10th anniversary.”

Mr. Alessandro Azzola, Managing Director, Cocoon Maldives, “This is an incredible opportunity to be part of, a project with an impact to promote Health & Wellness tourism with some of India’s fabulous TV stars at Cocoon Maldives. We have created a resort that is unique and new in many ways, which I am very happy and proud of. When it comes to guests, our concept is ‘home hospitality’. Our staff are extremely guest-oriented. They know and understand the requirements and wishes of our guests, so we are able to cater to them faultlessly. It is not the buildings, rooms or furniture that makes a hotel. What makes a hotel is the smile of the staff, and how well they treat their guests. And I am most proud of my team here. It is not I who run this resort, but the very capable team of Cocoon Maldives.”

Mr. Neeraj Mishra, Co-Founder FitZup states, “My objective is to reinstate India’s place in the Fitness and Wellness Category on the global map through promoting and educating individuals about Fitness & Wellness Tourism and at a later stage identifying body types and planning exquisite product ranges. This is the core ethos of FitZup to offer healthy & nutritious product ranges using Indian Ayurveda and International know how.”

The Event was held at Autumn Bar & Bistro, Andheri (w)

The fitness clan will be hosted by the luxury resort Cocoon from 1st July -5th July, located on the pristinely stunning island of Ookolhufinolhu. The resort has a private beach area and water sports facilities, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant. It is over-all surrounded by green vegetation, which in itself creates a sense of connection with nature, in cool contrast with the expanse of the turquoise sea that truly inspires you to explore the natural and nutritional beauty of the place.

Oscars 2019 : The Frozen Fire – Creates History, Becomes The First Sri Lankan Movie To Enter Mainstream Category

  • India-based All Lights Film Services (ALFS), a leading film consultancy company, is handling  the Oscar contention of the movie
  • The strategic association between ALFS and Cinepro Lanka International will give fresh impetus to India-Sri Lanka bilateral relations

Sri Lanka (04-07-2018): For the first time in the history of Sri Lankan film industry, a movie from the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, shall vie for Oscars 2019. The movie titled ‘The Frozen Fire’, directed by Anuruddha Jayasinghe, is the first Sri Lankan movie to enter in mainstream ‘Best Picture’ category of Oscars 2019, the officials revealed.

The preview show of ‘The Frozen Fire’ was screened on Tuesday at the National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan movies have only entered twice in Oscars before this, that too in the ‘Best Foreign Language Film category.

India-based All Lights Film Services (ALFS), a leading film consultancy company, is handling the Oscar contention of ‘The Frozen Fire’. ALFS has managed Oscar nominations of more than 14 Indian movies including the much acclaimed Ballad of Rustom, Kamasutra 3D, Pulimurugan, DAM 999 and Color of Sky.

Indo-Lanka ties: Boost up collaboration in culture

Commenting on the Oscar mission, Nisha Joseph, Manager of ALFS said that the entertainment industry is growing rapidly in Sri Lanka. “It is a great privilege to be associated with the Sri Lankan film industry. The Frozen Fire is our first project from the island and we are extremely excited to take this unique project to the Oscars. Sri Lankan cinema has a lot to offer the global audiences and we hope to associate with more movie projects for the international awards arena,” she said.

Nisha, who is also the Artistic Director of All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF) highlighted that India-Sri Lanka should strengthen collaboration in culture through promoting co-production movie ventures as well as tourism destinations. “There is immense potential for partnership in culture and knowledge exchange. Both governments (India and Sri Lanka) should come forward to tap the potential as early as possible. It is the need of the hour,” she added.

About The Frozen Fire

The movie is produced by Chamathka Pieris under the banner of Cinepro Lanka International.  Ariyawansha Dhammage is the script writer. Cinepro which is one of Sri Lanka’s top cinema and television production companies intends to promote the movie and showcase the island nation’s leap in filmmaking to a global audience.

The movie’s plot follows the life of Wijeweera, his close associates and those whose political and personal lives are entwined with his on account of their ideological preferences. The film’s makers take the viewer through the turbulent twelve years from Wijeweera’s release from jail until his ghastly murder in the late 1980s through the multiple viewpoints of Wijeweera, his family, friends, comrades and detractors.

About ALFS

Based in Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala, All Lights Film Services (ALFS) is a film consulting, marketing and promotion division of the Aries Telecasting Private Limited. ALFS helps filmmakers ‘Go Global’ by providing their movie/documentary the deserved exposure at international film festivals across the globe. ALFS also conducts rigorous campaigns to help films get into the very prestigious Oscar nomination race. The firm was founded by Sohan Roy, the Founder Director of the USD 10 billion Project Indywood.

For PR inquiries, please contact;

Nisha Joseph

+91 9539000509/+91 484 406666

Heena Panchal Item Number – Botal Brand New – in Obama Loved Osama

After doing an item number in Marathi movie Kay Zala kalana, Heena Panchal has returned with another item song “Botal Brand New” from the film Obama loved Osama. Grooving to the seductive music, Heena is seen doing some mind-boggling, hip-shaking steps in the song sung by Pawni Pandey. Dressed in a White Bikini and Purple Lehenga with thigh high slit, the actress has certainly raised the temperature with her item song.


However, Heena Panchal has many more competitors in the world of Bollywood item numbers. Aman Osama, is a modern Muslim man who lives in Agra. He is always bothered by his father who is an honest man suffering at the hands of corruption. But he always suppresses his anger and this leads to a disorder in him.

An ardent fan of Nana Patekar, he acts like him when he gets angry. The film showcases a journey of series of crazy events that he stumbles upon along with his cousin Joy and a bunch of nut heads.

———-Pigeon Media (Abhishek Dubey)

Mrs. Kiran Sukhani- A Successful Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Model and Fashion Stylist

In her native language, the name ‘Kiran’ denotes a meaning of both power and strength. Thus, this reflects her personality as well as in the way that she conducts herself on a daily basis.

Being a multitalented individual, Kiran is a successful entrepreneur, fashion icon, stylist, nutritionist, and a model.

Amongst her inner circle, Kiran is extremely well-known for her dedication towards fitness and nutritional management. Furthermore, Kiran also commonly practices yoga and follows a well-planned fitness regime. Therefore, she has become a role model for many people living in and outside of her community.

Kiran’s continuous dedication towards health and fitness had manifested into an interest towards studying nutrition. As a result, she graduated in ‘Human Nutrition’ and ‘Nutrition & Dietetics’ from Harvard University and Oxford College London respectively. Additionally, Kiran is also a certified nutritionist in Hong Kong. In her pursuit to help others, Kiran also launched her nutrition company called ‘Nutri-Veda’ as well as a healthy lifestyle program called ‘My Five’.


Kiran has also always been interested in the fashion world from a young age. As a teenager, she participated in a fashion show in her hometown of Bhopal and was even later selected to take part in the 1995 edition of the Mrs. India competition. However, she was unable to participate in the event due to personal reasons. Kiran also considers her family to be her biggest supporters with her parents always willing her on to take part in such competitions. They believed that such competitions would only help enable her to learn and experience new things that would greatly benefit her moving forward in the future.

During her early years in Hong Kong, she began working as an operations manager for four years with American fashion house, Calvin Klein. Subsequently, she moved onto working as both a distribution manager for Asia Pacific region and a fitting model with Italian retail clothing company, Diesel. It was this experience working as a fitting model where Kiran truly realized her passion to work in the fashion industry. As a result, she decided to launch her first fashion label known as ‘ASH’ that produces formal wear for customers around the world.

Kiran continued to grow from strength to strength following the launch of her first fashion label. She later took part and won the ‘Mrs. India Universe Central’ and ‘Mrs. India Universe Fabulous’ 2017 titles. Thus, she had realized her lifelong dream of becoming a well-recognized figure. However, her recent achievement has been most noteworthy as she recently won the prestigious ‘Archerz Mrs. India 2018’ and the best catwalk accolades. Kiran considers her ‘Archerz Mrs. India’ experience to be like life coming a full circle following being unable to participate in a Mrs. India competition in 1995 and states that her most recent experience was an adventure ride from start to finish.

Apart from her contribution to the fashion world, Kiran is also a philanthropist. This is evident in her charity work and her willingness to always give back to society. For instance, Kiran started an initiative in the form of a free health program for young children that provides short informative videos and workshops. In addition, Kiran has even performed and acted in stage plays that help raise funds for the poor and underprivileged.

Finally, Kiran recently stated following her recent win at the Archerz Mrs. India competition on her website that “In each and every phase, I have faced many challenges and seen many changes, but the only thing which constantly remained unchanged at all times is my passion, dedication, determination, and confidence. I want to set an example for my kids that age is not a barrier, and everything can be achieved if you remain determined”. Thus, this goes to show the journey and hardships that Kiran has gone through her journey in the fashion world.

In the near future, Kiran will be representing the Southeast Asian region at the Mrs. Universe competition that is currently being scheduled to be held on December 2018 in Manila, Philippines.

We wish her all the very best for all future endeavors.

Gulmakai Biopic of Malala Yousafzai Official Motion Poster Launched

Finally wait is over #Gulmakai  biopic of Malala Yousafzai “ is complete and I must tell you Director of the film Shihan Amjad Khan has done a extraordinary job, cant actually explain it in words it’s a CULT what he is created .

On the 12th you will have the glimpses of it .. I am proud to be associated with the film .. Watch  the motion poster

Leera The Soulmate App download To win Free Movie Tickets

The most awaited film Leera The Soulmate is releasing on 24 August 2018 this is a complete vfx movie  post production has invested lot of time and money for this movie in this film lead actress Leera Kaljai and actors Mehul Adwani has given a whole new turn to love romance and action this movie has shown us that even on space there are people and even they fall in love.

It is completely a different love story director of the film Sumnash Sri Kaljai states that this shall be very first bollywood love story which has started from space title song this film ‘Tum Hi To Meri Soulmate Ho God Ki Bhet Ho Mere Liye Set Ho” is a song that to touches people heart as soon as they hear it every song in this film has amazing scene producer script and lyrics writer of this film Usha Kaljai has stated that this film and all the people amazed and this movie shall touch their heart in a way that they can never forget it .

Before the release itself the film has already been nominated for awards at many places.

Download The App At  Below Link


The event “BHAVVANDAN” specially organized for senior citizens by RAFSCD at Shriji Gaushala, Rajkot(Gujarat) on 21st June 2018. In the event, approx. 1550 elders participated scheduling full day of joyful programs. RAAS GARBA, various kinds of GAMES, Comedy show, Magic shaw etc. in which most of the elders involved and enjoyed the whole program. To give the dignity to the elders, all elders were invited by providing them a comfortable to and fro travel, they were welcomed by giving them traditional musical theme. Easy digestive food with breakfast and tea was catered in the event. Volunteers support throughout the day.

At the end of the event, all the participants very much enjoyed the program and forget their depressions and loneliness for a day, this will help them to create motivational atmosphere to live life positively.   The chief guest of this programme was the chairman of Rizwan Adatia Foundation, Mr Rizwan Adatia.He enlighted flowers of happiness in the programme. He motivated the people through his speech.



During the event, yoga day celebration was clubbed and planned yoga session with all seniors.

Rotary International Awards Hrishikesh Chury as the Best Upcoming Playback Singer

Playback Singer Hrishikesh Chury was awarded with Rotary International Award which was held at JW Marriott Mumbai. Hrishikesh received the Best Upcoming Playback Singer Award from the hands of the Rotary District Governor. “This is one of my biggest honour as Rotary is an Internationally renowned organization and I am delighted to be recognized by the very esteemed Rotary” says Hrishikesh.


Hrishikesh Chury who is riding high on the success of his recent song ‘Mehfooz’ from the movie ‘Tera Intezaar’ starring Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone; has also sung for superhit song ‘Taang Uthaake’ from the movie ‘Houseful 3’. Hrishikesh was also seen Judging Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 2017 as the Grand Jury.

Ameya Dabli: The Complete Entertainer – Rocking the Nation with his music

~ Form A-list social events to performing at various army cantonments, Ameya charms the audience with his singing sensibilities ~
Ameya Dabli is the name which reverberates with all-around complete entertainment with distinct versatility in spreading joy and harmony amongst different social segments.

So while AMEYA was exclusively invited by industrialist Ajay Piramal to perform exclusively curated musical segments for his son Anand’s engagement to Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha at a private event in Mahabaleshwar last month, Ameya’ s involvement with humanitarian causes has also been in the forefront.

To reinforce this initiative, Ameya has just returned after a month-long tour on invitation by the Indian Army, to perform a series of soul-stirring musical concerts for the Indian Armed Forces across the country. Along with his troupe of 20 musicians, co-singers and assistants and a technical crew of 15 members, Ameya and his team performed over 20 concerts across the length and breadth of the country for our brave soldiers in uniform & their families. The team covered locations across Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Assam, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh & a sizeable number at front-line locations in the state of Jammu & Kashmir too!

AD Ventures, a firm which Ameya Dabli and Purvi Soali jointly head, has taken a pledge to contribute to the society with this unique musical odyssey. With an effort to show gratitude to the heroes of the nation, they have formed an I.P. namely ‘Ekam Satt – Mission For Nation’ to spread joy and happiness to men & women who serve our nation with joy, commitment & dignity!
AD Ventures is also known for its production capabilities for putting up exclusive, high-end corporate and social events & music concerts globally and managed the production for the tour.

The main mantra of “Ekam Satt – One Truth, One Humanity World Music” concerts, is an inimitable presentation of soulful music designed by Ameya Dabli. The concert presents the best of Sufi, Folk and Contemporary world music compositions, of poems penned by Kabirdas, Mirabai, Guru Nanak, Buddha, Khwaja, Amir Khusro, Tulsidas, Gospels from the Bible and many more. The foot-tapping numbers are all curated with the sole purpose of uniting the hearts and minds of the audience across geopolitical and social strata, to bring peace to the society and to our Jawansfrom the armed forces.

Another unique feature of this journey is that Ameya and his team do these concerts gratis – without any performance fees since both Ameya & Purvi believe this is their service towards the ‘Real Heroes of our Nation’! ​

Apart from the defence forces, Ameya and his band have performed around 50 of these concerts throughout the country and abroad. They have received not only critical acclaim but accolades from the audience too! He was exclusively invited to perform for the Indian High Commission in London at The Nehru Centre as well.

According to Ameya Dabli, “It is imperative for each one of us to find the source of true joy & happiness, which essentially is within! Especially for the Indian Armed Forces, with their disciplined lifestyle in challenging environs, they seldom get a chance to connect or interact with the larger populace. ‘Ekam Satt – Mission For Nation’ music concert tour is a humble attempt to bring a smile on their faces by relieving them of their stress through blissful music and by also connecting them with the fellow countrymen.”

“Ekam Satt is not just any musical programme, it is an experience which is the need of the hour, especially in today’s times, for the youth & jawans of our country,” says noted filmmaker Subhash Ghai, whose Whistling Woods International has provided technical support for this initiative.

DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance (DPLI) has been the principal sponsor for this entire tour given that both, Kapil Wadhawan – Chairman DHFL and Anoop Pabby, CEO DPLI believe in protecting the interests of our men in uniform and they both have continued to pledge their support in this noble initiative. Mahindra Finance is also a key partner in this initiative as was Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

This musical journey has also received support and encouragement from Ameya’s well-wishers & friends – the likes of Shiamak Davar, Ronnie Screwvala, Rhea Pillai & Prahlad Kakkar who have helped spread this message socially.

About AD Ventures

AD Ventures is a boutique consulting firm and works with organizations that are looking at expanding and establishing their business (typically start-ups) and support them with an end to end solutions for their business needs including hospitality to event management. We also work with NGO’s to help them raise funds for social projects. At AD Ventures, we work tirelessly to provide organizations with the right approach in the fields of Fund Raising, Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Operations, Training, and Development.

We have a team of eminent & qualified professionals and associates who not only have the wherewithal to just provide consultancy or advisory services to organizations seeking the right approach across the aspects stated above but also have partners and affiliates who work with us to help organizations with outsourcing alternatives if that is what would take for their businesses to ‘transform’ and be more successful.

Zen Asia Foundation – Face Of The Year 2018 & Designer Of The Year 2018

First round of audition for Zen Asia Foundation Face Of The Year 2018 concludes.
The first round of auditions for Zen Asia Foundation Face Of The Year 2018 held at Mumbai Andheri West, with 31 beautiful contestants. Yogen Shah dada saheb phalke award winner, Geeta Thorat celebrity fashion designer, simon davidson international grooming personality, were the jury members of the contests.
Next audition Zen Asia Foundation Face Of The Year will be held at Nagpur.

Zen Asia Foundation organizing these events since 1997 with an objective to create a platform for Indian talents to showcase their skills in the domain of fashion and beauty and get recognized by the Industry. Chatursingh Khalsa the founder of Zen Asia Foundation strongly believes that India has a great potential and there is talent available and needs a platform to express and get recognition. this opportunity and platform of Zen Asia Foundation has seen success in bringing out the talent from tier 2 and tier 3 Cities  of India.
Zen Asia Foundation love to give chance to new comers…!
All contestant appear through social media platform..without any help from any model coordinator return gifts provided by olivia and over the skin…!
Supported by – niifd and pift, bitoo jha, ridhi naga, sheino, beatrix, espelho, and other media house.

Monsoon is to turn more mesmerizing with ‘GLAMOUR 2018’, India’s largest B2C Fine Jewellery Exhibition

“Jewellery is like a spice-it always complements what’s already there!”

28th June, 2018, Mumbai- Embarking 17 years ago as an emerging exhibitor of true luxury, Glamour has been synonymous to India’s Finest Premium Jewelry exhibit. Nurtured by ABEC Exhibitions and Conferences Pvt. Ltd. (ABECL), it has been setting new benchmarks and becoming a shining beacon of business and stature for the Indian private exhibition sector.

This 2018, Glamour would grow and shine even more with some of the India’s esteemed jewelry maestros showcasing the latest trends in the glittering universe of bejeweled Glamour.

Acknowledging that exhibition is open to all the jewellery aficionados, it will be scrupulously curated with the nation’s premium fine jewelry brands presenting their most treasured pieces for the upcoming festive and Bridal season. This time being no different, Glamour 2018 would be harboring over 60 leading jewelry brands from across  the nation that have been on the priority list of the admirers such as A S Motiwala Fine Jewellery; Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers (Jaipur); Charu Jewels (Surat); Ghanasingh Be True; Karpagam Jewellers (Coimbatore);   Jet Jems; Jewels Of Jaipur (Jaipur); Mehta Brothes; Navratan Jewellers (Bengaluru); P. Manoharlal Luxury Jeweller (Hyderabad); P C Totuka & Sons (Jaipur); Raj Mahtani Couture Jewels (Kolkatta); Raniwala Jewellers (Jaipur); Rare Heritage, A Mehta Emporium Initiative; Rawat Jewels (Jaipur), Rasiklal Sankalchand Jewellers, Shobha Shringar Jewellers, Shri Raj Mahal Jewellers (Delhi), Varuna D Jani and Zewar By Valchandson  Jewellers to name a few.

Bulbeer Gandhi, Event Director of the Lifestyle Division of ABEC Exhibitions and Conferences Pvt. Ltd. states, “Glamour has not only been able to idolize itself as a successful organizer of best events, but also raising the standards to come par with the international yardsticks of events. It is known to be the birth place of various jewellery trends which captivates the season’s prime designs and style innovation, being the most awaited event for B2C buyers and the ones who are fond of the glitterati, ranging from socialites, collectors, stylists and Bollywood celebrities”

The participating brands would be seen exhibiting the finest array of their latest collection that glistens true luxury. It is one of the best chances for jewellery enthusiasts, to-be-brides and their extended families to witness the bonanza that dampens the month of July with its fresh droplet like pearls, dazzling diamonds, glistening golds and many more.

Hence, join us at the most awaited rendezvous for brides at Taj Lands Mumbai on 27th-28th-29th Of July 2018 (11:00 am till 8:00 pm) for witnessing all the top brands under one roof.

Film I Don’t No What Is Love Stars 2 Standup Comedians Sunil Pal & Ahsaan Qureshi

फिल्म ‘आई डोंट नो व्हाट इज लव’ में सुनील पाल, अहसान कुरैशी।

बोलीवुड में प्यार, इश्क, मोहब्बत, चाहत और लव को लेकर सैकड़ों फिल्मो के नाम रखे गए हैं. अब एक ऐसी ही फिल्म आ रही है जिसका नाम है  ‘आई डोंट नो व्हाट इज लव’. जी हाँ, मुझे नहीं मालुम कि प्यार क्या होता है? इसका मतलब तो यही है. प्यार की परिभाषा को तलाशती इस फिल्म में कई कॉमेडियन भी नजर आयेंगे.

फिल्म ‘आई डोंट नो व्हाट इज लव’ के निर्माता वाजिद मुस्तफा और निर्देशक विशन यादव हैं. डब्लू जी फिल्म्स प्रोडक्शन मूवी के बैनर तले बनी फिल्म में सुनील पाल, अहसान कुरैशी, ताहिर कमाल खान, प्रेम प्रकाश, नेहा बंसल, राखी दधीच, नीलम, राकेश, रमेश गोयल, मशयेल खान, वीरेंद्र मिश्रा, सुधा कपूर इत्यादि ने एक्टिंग की है. फिल्म के सह निर्माता राकेश कुमार कनौजिया असिस्टें डायरेक्टर विशाल बुरादे, डीओपी राजू रामपाल, वीएस यादव, लेखक गुरमीत सिंह बेदी, वाजिद मुस्तफा , संगीतकार गुड्डू आजाद, शम्स जमील, सिंगर्स जावेद अली, अल्तमश फरीदी, विनोद राठोड, कल्पना पटवारी, गीतकार वाजिद मुस्तफा, गुड्डू आजाद हैं.

—–Akhlesh Singh (PRO)